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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Turned Parts Manufacturer



The success of any business lies in finding the right partners and associates to work with and finding the right manufacturing supplier is critical to this. Anyone who works with metal parts needs precisely turned supplies on time and of the best quality. You must keep in mind that the quality of the manufacturer will decide your own efficiency and quality of the end product.

This also applies to those working with turned parts manufacturers. Precision machining is the preferred option today for anyone working with metal parts or engineering products. Machining has allowed us to create extremely precise products efficiently and at a large scale. This has brought down costs, while improving the quality and precision of products. Hence, finding the right supplier can be crucial for your own operations.

To help you with this, we have a questionnaire. These are questions you should ask your supplier to understand their functioning and capacity:

  • Q.Do you have the manufacturing capability?

Not only do you need someone with the right CNC machines, you also need someone has the right capacity. You are looking for a full contingent  of high quality machine. A small manufacturer may not have the capability of handling large orders. So, this must be the first question you ask. Keep in mind that your own business will grow and with it, your need for supplies. Check if the manufacturer can scale up when required. You can also insist on visiting the factory floor.

Look for facilities like live tooling that allows us to carve out parts from bar stock. This helps us to significantly reduce wastage. You may also want to look for multi-tasking ability in the machines as opposed to multi-fixture operations. The former allows us to use the same machine to complete one product. This gives us better control on quality and improves efficiency.

  • Q.Do you have the speed and capacity to scale up production when required?

Markets are often volatile and your own demands will go up and down. As a key supplier, the turned parts manufacturer must be able to keep pace with these fluctuations. Find out if they can handle quick-turn orders and how much time this will take.

  • Q.Do you have a minimum part order?

Machining can be expensive. To keep economy of cost, many manufacturers have a minimum part order. This would differ from one manufacturer to another. Some manufacturers may also be willing to work on small samples. You must select an option that fits your own requirement.

  • Q.How many years have you worked in this field?

Experience always counts. You also need to look for manufacturers who have experience of supplying to your industry, whether it is aerospace, automotive or engineering products.

  • Q.Do you have design support?

The best part about machining is the customization. We can design a product and then manufacture it to extreme precise dimensions. This makes a design team very important. Even when you are going in with a ready design, having a professional at hand means that you can get their expert opinion. They can suggest practical changes that can make machining or its final functionality easier to carry out. If you do not have designing capability, an in-house design team can be even more useful.

  • Q.Do you have the quality control we are looking for?

Checking quality control of your turned parts manufacturer is critical for ensuring your own standards.  Look for companies that comply with the given ISO standards and find out how these are enfaced within the organization. How do they ensure quality control on the factory floor and in the supply chain? What is the minimum standard of care taken? You have to check for the delivery track record to see how the company has managed its supplies.

  • Q.Can you offer references?

A reliable manufacturer will be able to offer you references. Look for other clients from the same industry and request them for feedback. You are looking for qualities like time keeping, good communication skill and problem solving. How did they deal with any emergency, defective products or a sudden demand?

These questions are meant to gauge the quality of a turned parts manufacturer. These can tell you about their production capacity and ability to meet your requirements.

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