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8 Bizarre Coffee Products From around The World



Coffee is one of the most consumed beverage in the entire world. When you use your nespresso capsules for preparing your coffee, you probably have no idea about some of the bizarre coffee trends throughout the world. Here, we bring to you some of the most crazy coffee products served in the world.


The elephant Dung Coffee

More prevalent in Thailand this black ivory coffee is actually one of the most expensive coffees known so far. This coffee is actually extracted out of the elephant dung. This is extracted by feeding coffee cherries to the elephant which they excrete which is used for extraction of coffee beans.

Cat Poop coffee

Similar to the above mentioned elephant dung coffee, this coffee is extracted out of the poop from a specialised type of cat called civet. This coffee is the most expensive coffee that is served in the entire world and is prepared on the islands of Bali and Indonesia. Civet cat are fed with coffee cherries which they excrete out. The excreted coffee beans are then used for extraction of some finest varieties of coffee beans.

Cannabis coffee

The next bizarre coffee trend on the list is the cannabis coffee. It is prevalent in the United States and this coffee has given a whole new definition to the term “wake and bake”. This coffee is used to create a cold brew with cannabis qualities in them.

Egg Coffee

Most of the coffee lovers actually enjoy consuming eggs and other products with coffee but this particular coffee actually serves egg inside your coffee. This combo of egg and coffee is a much appreciated delicacy in different parts of the world including Sri Lanka, Sweden, Vietnam, United States etc.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee

The whiskey barrel coffee is somewhat like the irish coffee which is prepared by mixing alcohol with coffee but in a bit different way. Whiskey barrel coffee is prepared using green coffee beans which are unroasted and are extracted from a special grower. The coffee beans are then aged in a used barrel of bourbon. The beans then absorb the bourbon during the process of aging and impart the same flavor.

Monkey Spit coffee

Monkey spit coffee is more prevalent in India. Rhesus Monkey reside in the chickmagalur region of India. These monkeys are made to chew the coffee cherries and then spit out the coffee beans These coffee beans are then harvested, washed, processed and then dried. The enzymes present in the saliva of monkey generally trigger the breakdown of a vanilla like essence.

Charcoal Coffee

Charcoal coffee is prepared by dropping a red hot piece of charcoal in the cup of coffee. It is mostly consumed in the areas of Indonesia. The coal which is used in the coffee helps in making the overall acidity of the coffee neutral.

Flaming Mayang Coffee

Flaming Mayang Coffee is the type of coffee which is really fiery. The coffee is served hot in a cup which is rimmed with sugar. The coffee overall creates a dramatic effect of flaming waterfall which is then poured inside the coffee and is then topped with some sweet ice cream.

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