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Difference between Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship



Difference between Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship


Entrepreneurship alludes to the idea of creating and dealing with a business venture keeping in mind the end goal to pick up benefit by embracing several risks in the corporate world. Basically, enterprise is the readiness to begin another business. It has assumed an essential part in the financial improvement of the extending worldwide commercial centre. Entrepreneurs always believe in working for themselves and there is no way that they opt the work for others. They create their own business and put all their effort to expand their business. Take for example, Patrick Mackaronis is an entrepreneur and start up business expert at the same time. Pat Mackaronis has been overcoming all the challenges and emerged out to be the best entrepreneur at a young age, beating all the odds.


Intrapreneurship is acting like a business visionary inside a bigger association. Intrapreneurs are generally exceptionally self-spurred, proactive and activity arranged individuals who accept with stepping up, even inside the limits of an association, in quest for a creative item or administration. The ambitious innovator has the solace of realizing that disappointment does not have an individual cost as it improves the situation a business person, since the association retains misfortunes emerging from disappointment. An intrapreneur is only concerned with one particular activity pertaining to either productivity or any particular skill that is required to enrich their business enterprise.


Difference between Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

  • An entrepreneur is a person who establishes a new business with new ideas and creativity. While on the other hand, an intrapreneur is a person who is an employee of the company who has senior person working above him as his superior and he is authorised to undertake an act for enhancing the productivity of the product or service with the help of his innovative ideas.
  • An entrepreneur uses his own resources like money, man power and machines to enhance his business while an intrapreneur is a person who has the resources readily available to him. Intrapreneur is restorative in nature thus, they always rely on the company’s fund where they are working.
  • An entrepreneur is always capable of bearing all the risks because he is the one who has started the business at the first place with the help of his investments while on the other hand an intrapreneur is the person who does not have to bear all the risks as it is the company where he works which has to bear all the risks.
  • An intrapreneur cannot take his own decision neither he is allowed to be independent. For all his decisions, he has to rely on the top official of the company or his employer for any important decision. On the other hand, an entrepreneur has the freedom to take the decision as he is the master of his fate and he is the person behind creating his business and making all the investment.
  • Entrepreneurs endeavours to enter the market effectively and make a place in this way. As opposed to Intrapreneur, who works for association wide change to bring advancement, innovativeness and efficiency.

An entrepreneur is considered to be a risk taker as he establishes a new organization and he invests all his hard earned money in his organization while intrapreneur is a part of an existing organization thus, he does not have to take any risk.

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