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Dos And Don’ts Of An Unforgettable Surprise Proposal



You are a lucky soul if you found the love of your life. All the stories and algorithms of compatibility, understanding or eternal connections somehow make sense to you. One denies the phenomenon of love all their life, secretly hoping for it to happen. Since love is with you, you must know that you are one exclusively blessed human.

Love is a miraculous feeling. It makes you believe in all the happy endings and royal rescues. If you are one die heart romantic at heart, then you must propose your lady love with an unforgettable surprise proposal. But do not plan a surprise proposal without reading this piece. After all, you do not want to miss out on all the detailed information on a Marco Bicego engagement ring or a proposal at your dream destination.


Make It Meaningful

Engagement proposal is going to be one of the most memorable events in the life of you and your partner. Plan it in a way that makes it special that any other moment you have shared, afterall it is going to become a memory of a lifetime. Plan the proposal during a special trip or a special day, so that there is a story to narrate.

Consider The Privacy

The ultimate goal of the proposal is to acknowledge and convey that you want to spend the rest of the life with her. In such a scenario, what would your partner prefer? Is she a private person or does she enjoy the public attention? Plan accordingly!

Remember The Ring

If you want to make the proposal special, then take some time to go about it. Choose a ring with great care. There is a big difference in the aesthetics of Roberto Coin jewelry and Marco Bicego jewelry. Know what jewelry does your girl prefer.

Have A Backup Plan

There are so many ways to propose the love of your life. Whatever you have planned might seem like the ideal way to propose. But be prepared for any last moment changes. Things go wrong, but it is not supposed to ruin your plans. Laugh it off and enjoy your special day.

Share The News

The ideal way should be that you take permission from the parents. If you are not offending anybody by posing the question to your girl without seeking permission from guardians then also the parents should be the first one to know before you publish the news on the social media.

Take The Pictures

To say that “it is a special day” is an understatement. The moment, the expressions, the mood, the feelings everything that you can capture in the camera should be done aptly. You are going to cherish these memories all your life. Do not take it for granted.


Run Behind The Trend

Trends come and go. You know your partner beyond any trend. Go with your instincts.

Forget The Permits

The parks and monuments make a beautiful proposal spot. But make sure that you have all the permits before a guard comes and ruins your yet-to-start-party.

Let The Secret Slip

You will need the help of some close friends and family. But you can not let the words slip by. It will be a total bummer.

Sweat It

The love is what matters in the end. Don’t overdo it. You will lose the magic. Just enjoy the proposal.

Stick To A Script

Again, no need to plan it so thoroughly that you can’t even enjoy your proposal. Remember, it is your day too. Before anything else, live it.

Leave It For Last Minute

Last minute arrangements would not get you the perfect fresh daisies. You won’t be able to get the ideal Roberto Coin engagement ring. Hence, leaving it for the last minute is a big no-no.

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