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Handle Stress The Better Way



Stress is everywhere. People deal with stress at different levels in their personal and professional life. We need to understand that stress will always be a part of life if we keep waiting for situations to settle down. However, if you want to make a difference in the quality of life that you lead- learn to handle your stress in a better way.

Stress can be handled by adopting a few techniques as mentioned here:

  1. Meditation:

Meditation is considered to be the most effective technique that helps to release stress. If you practice meditation everyday you can control the pattern of your thoughts. You can monitor what kind of thoughts make way into your brain that causes stress. People can opt for simple meditation routine. Dedicating 5 to 15 minutes of your day for generating a healthy and happy life is not really a bad idea!

Start practicing meditation through some guided videos at your home. You can seek help from the blogs and videos of mind valley academy who offer really helpful videos to aid in meditation practice.

  1. Talking it out:

The situations of stress are often aggravated if they are concealed and thought over very seriously. One of the easiest ways to release stress is to talk out your concerns with someone. You can talk to someone in your circle of friends and family or you can seek professional help in this regard. There are spiritual friends, psychologists and consultants who are professionally trained in handling all types of situations. Therefore, if you experience stress do not hesitate in confiding your concerns into someone. When you talk about things, you can get ideas to deal with them.

  1. Breathing slow:

At times we need to divert our attention from all the negativity and find something which makes us feel better and happier. There can be no better practice than controlling your breath. Whenever you feel stressed- start breathing long and slowly. Try to feel the air entering your nostrils and reaching out to lungs. Then exhale it slowly without pushing it with force. Experience the air that you inhale as the positive energy entering your body and the air which goes out taking away all negative emotions and weakness.

Slow breathing is a wonderful practice to release stress. You can do the repetitions of this practice at anytime, anywhere in the day.

  1. Come in the present:

Consciously try to bring yourself in the present moment. The biggest cause of stress is the “anticipation of future”. If we try to bring our thoughts to the present we will realise that stress exists only in mind not in our life. Most of the times we are stressed out only about future but when we come in the present and look around- things seem better. Therefore, try to bring yourself into the present more often. Notice the changes that your mind experiences by seeing the good things around. Slow down and appreciate what you have got. Keep yourself in this state for at least 4-5 minutes. Repeat this practice many a times.

Being in the present relieves our worries and concerns.

Just like any other ailment, stress has to be dealt with conscious efforts. The good thing about the above practices is that you can cure the condition without taking any prescriptions. A few conscious efforts can make significant difference in your life.

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