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How to extend the life of your car tires?



Despite hearing a lot of advice about regular tire care, a majority of vehicle owners neglect or pay no attention to proper care and maintenance of tires. Tires are responsible for a smooth drive. This is why they require regular checking and maintenance like any other part of a car. Spending some time and money on maintenance will deliver some significant benefits like extended tire life, improved energy efficiency and economical fuel consumption along with better handling and traction.

What are some common problems caused due to lack of regular maintenance?

If your vehicle is fitted with the best quality tires in Dubai, simple maintenance will help you to get maximum performance with your car tires. You don’t have to visit mechanic shop every time to get tires checked every time. All you need is to regularly inspect it for cuts, bumps and cracks and perform a regular pressure check for under inflation and over inflation. Accurate tire pressure is critical not only for the performance but also essential for its life.

Under and over-inflation are equally harmful to the vehicle. Any abnormality in air pressure will decrease the life of rubber after causing irregular wear and tear. In addition to proper pressure, regular tire rotation of front pair with the rear pair is also helpful to keep them in good condition. Among rest of the tire problems, under inflation is the biggest problem. It increases fuel consumption after producing higher rolling resistance, which enforces engine to make more effort and consume more energy to move a vehicle.

How should you take care to extend the life of car tires?

When it comes to performing regular care and maintenance of tires, vehicle owners often feel confused and assume it expensive, time taking and tiring job. However, the reality is different. Proper tire care doesn’t need a hefty amount of money and time. Initially, it requires some common sense and good practices.

Here I am sharing few simple, easy to do tire care and maintenance tips, every vehicle owner can easily follow to extend the life of tires.

Check them frequently

Having been in continuous contact with the road, they are facing harsh conditions like rough tracks and potholes. This will expose them to significant damage. You may not even imagine. A visible inspection can help you to identify and repair any severe damage before it becomes a threat to your life. Depending upon the use and driving style, you should schedule a detailed visible inspection to avoid unpleasant situations.

Maintain proper air pressure

Smart auto owners keep checking the air pressure frequently. This is because they know the consequences of driving a vehicle with improper pressure. Extreme weather condition and temperature fluctuations are the primary causes of pressure issues. Tires should be checked monthly to avoid driving with a wrong pressure.

Avoid overloading your vehicle

Overloading your car will destroy tires. They are made to carry a limited amount of weight. If you keep on adding and uploading your vehicle, it will cause overheating and increased friction and eventually damage the rubber and tread. So be sensible before you overburden your automobile.

Carry a spare piece of tire

Mishaps can happen any time anywhere. To protect you from facing unpleasant situations during a journey, keep a spare tire in the trunk. Immediately replace the damaged piece with an extra bit to avoid any further damage to your vehicle and tires.

Endnote: Make tire maintenance your priority if you want to extend the life your car tires in Dubai. Regular maintenance should be in your auto care checklist.

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