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Indian Railways: A Safer Mode of Transportation



When it comes to traveling, many people fear to do that. You know why? It is just because they feel it is not safe to travel. If you have a fear of traveling by road, you can always pick trains. Of course, the number of road accidents is on rise. More and more accidents take place every day. Many vehicles met with an accident because of the recklessness of the people driving the cars.

But if you are traveling by train, you would not have to worry. Trains are much safer than cars and buses. Of course, there are train accidents too but they took place rarely. There are facilities in trains and the services like pnr status enquiry have really made the Indian Railways the top most option for traveling in India. These trains are fast, safe, and affordable.  Not just in the terms of accidents but otherwise too, train is a better choice when it comes to safety. Have a look at some of the points that second the view that trains are safer than other modes of transportation.

Personal space

Once you have done booking in a train, you have a personal space of your own. You get that berth that belongs to you. You can sit there, talk to people and eat.  Since there won’t come anybody else, you need not to feel scared. Of course, it would be good if you keep your luggage properly locked and tied up.  You can even make your kids feel safer in trains.

Relaxation and fun

You need to be relaxed while you are traveling by a train. You can stay comforted and safe on your berth. If you are traveling by your family, you can even get the entire berth space or a couple of adjoining berths booked. It would be more of a picnic than a journey. When you are sitting with your friends and family, you feel much confident and safer, right? In a bus, you might have to sit separately, but, in a train, you can get seats together and at least six persons can easily sit on a berth space. If it is a sleeper coach then there would be four or six; as per the tier of train.

Air condition compartment

If you want, you can even go for an air conditioned compartment. Of course, there are air conditioned coaches in a train that can be availed for your traveling. You can pick a compartment and have a refreshing and cushioned journey. These AC tiers are always safer than the ordinary ones. Of course, there is less movement in these compartments, and hence, a safer and more private experience. If you are used to comfort and coolness, then these compartments keep you up and feisty throughout your journey. Be a train chair car or sleeper one, you can find AC compartments for sure.

Thus, Indian Railways are progressing and striving to get you the comforts that you deserve. Safety, satisfaction, and suitability; everything is snuggled in train journeys.

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