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The Beauty of Fashion is its Modesty



Fashion is an important concept for all kinds of women. We often find it difficult to keep in touch with the Latest fashion trends.  However, fashion is not always about being bold but often about simplicity and modesty. Dresses capture very precious moments in a woman’s life and a modest dress can only make you look more attractive.

With the growing trend of women’s modest dresses, bold styles are now backdated in front of conservative looks. Loose tunics, baggy T-shirts and different types of knitted sweaters are being highly demanded. Modest clothes include those which aren’t skin tight, comfortable to wear, is light and simple. Here we will have a look at some of the women’s modest dresses and their varying styles.

Maxi Dresses- These dresses form a simple and elegant look in comparison to short dresses. A variety of solid and pastel colors are really fascinating to wear. In fact, a proper pairing with shoes, bags, and accessories can highly elevate the standard of the look. Not only dresses but even skirts would look elegant. Maxi dress or skirts are the perfect conservative dress that one can wear while traveling or even in religious places. A maxi dress with cap sleeves would be a perfect prom or wedding gown.

Short Dresses- A simple short dress or skirt of light color when teamed up with a perfect top would give a wonderful look. Floral prints, standard tees, and proper statement tees would be a great choice for a modest look. The bright or light colors would highlight a girl’s personality. A modest dressing style would not subdue but rather make one feel more confident and stand out in the crowd.

Shrugs or jackets – A button up the long sleeve or short sleeve shirt can be worn as a tunic or even just as a jacket. Apart from this shrugs can be found in sleeves and without sleeves which can be easily worn with tunics or suits. Such kind of modest dresses with sleeves can be worn to those places which are conservative and can be removed when necessary.

Scarfs or shawls- These are worn more as an accessory and for some religion, this is mandatory being a part of the tradition. A colorful scarf can be used to flaunt your style while avoiding exposure. It can be used to cover up low cut blouses or high neck tops. It is indeed a very popular piece of clothing across different countries and religions.

Some individuals need to rely on modest clothes due to their religion or work environment while of some it is simply a personal choice. Some of these include making clothes which are knee length, covers back, neck and shoulders. There are many such institutions or even people come from such background where they are kept from exposing. But there is nothing to worry as beauty lies in modesty and anything that you are comfortable and confident would make you look the best.

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