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The urbane yet epoch Larnaca



Larnaca, a city on the southern coast of Cyprus, is a beautiful beach city, celebrated for Finikoudes alongside other beaches and the famous Turkish Quarter. But this city is more than just being home to renowned ceramic artisans and endless beaches. It is one of the oldest and remarkable cities of the country with having Greeks, Roman, Arabs, and British in its settlers list at distinct times.

With so many ethnicities swaying its culture and tradition, this place with its archeological sites has become a hub for the lover of history and beaches had made this place, a perfect city to let loose. Let’s take a look at some monumental sites of Larnaca :

St Lazarus Church:

Located at the center of the city, to where any taxi transfer service will take an approximately 13-minute from the Larnaca International Airport, the church of Saint Lazarus is one of the most visited sights of Larnaca. Also called by its Greek name: Agios Lazaros, it was constructed to honor Lazarus, who was said to have been brought back from death by Jesus Christ. Built over the tomb of Lazarus, the church was first constructed in the 9th century and rebuilt in the 17th century. The tomb earlier seems to be lost later discovered by Emperor Leo VI of Byzantium, who got the relics transferred to Constantinople and built a church to pay his homage. It has an impressive architecture with Greek, French inscriptions on the open porch. The Orthodox BASILICA is made from limestone and has wood carved baroque iconostasis which was gold plated sometimes late in 1795. There’s also a museum to enlighten various aspects of St Lazarus’s life.

Pierides Museum

One of the nation’s oldest private museums, Pierides Museum was made by the forefather of Pierides family, Demetrios Pierides with an aim to conserve and protect the historical treasures of Cyprus. In a colonial-style building, one can walk through the millennium of historical evolution in the human being’s lifestyle from Neolithic Times, through the early Bronze Age, and to the Medieval Age. Still being managed by the eighth generation of the Pierdes family, they have a noteworthy cartography collection with charts of ancient Cyprus and a valuable glassware assortment from the Greek and Roman era. People with short or long layover can visit this museum which is a 13 minutes taxi ride from the Larnaca International Airport.

Stavrovouni monastery

One of the oldest monasteries around the world and earliest documented monastery on the island, the Stavrovouni monastery was founded by Emperor Constantine’s mother, Saint Helena. It’s a Greek Orthodox monastery that stands atop a rocky Stavrovouni hill. The remains of the Holy Cross have been preserved by the monks residing at the monastery. Every year on 14th September, this holy and sacred monastery organizes a celebratory progression of rising of the Holy Cross. It’s a 33-minute ride from the Larnaca International Airport.

Larnaca has a rich religious, and archaeological heritage, preserved by its solicitous natives. Visit this quaint cosmopolitan city not only for its marvelous shores or crystal clear water but the medieval castles and the beautiful lakes for a tranquil story-time.

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