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Nowadays youngsters are going for a degree and trying to peruse their dream job, there is nothing wrong in that. The saying goes that if you don’t have a dream someone else will hire to build their dream. The people nowadays don’t want to take a risk to start the business. They just want to do a job of 9-6 and save for the stuff they cannot afford.

There are things different than doing a job that is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is starting a business and taking the risk containing decision to make the revenue. The things you do in these two things are very different. In the job, you must take order from the top management or are specified to some certain duties. The duties are specified during the joining. In the entrepreneurship you make people work for you, you must organize people according to the skill based. The orders or the duties for a person/designation are written by you or given by you. During the job, you work for the company to achieve its certain goal. The working hours of the job are fixed and the workload is verified. An entrepreneur is always working, and the workload is always high. The entrepreneur is always working and making work people under him. The difference between the job and the entrepreneurship is huge and has their own benefits.

The young people should peruse for becoming an entrepreneur so that they can build their dream company. Which will not benefit them immediately but surely. The question is how? Let’s see, first how a company/organization is made. The organization is made of a structure who has a top of management. Management is on the top of the structure under which the whole organization falls. The base of the structure is made of lead. The working of the entrepreneur is to manage the resources and do have certain functions. The entrepreneur has the resources like people, financial, physical and informational. The people are the employees of the company working to achieve a single goal specified by the company. The money of the company is the pay the employees and to maintain the company. The physical property is where all the work is done and the all the employees work. The data that is saved by the employees while they work is all accessible by the CEO or an entrepreneur.

Bo Zou, a young entrepreneur is a UX designer that is user experience designer. Bo Zou of Toronto has been working with the brands to connect with their customer. Bo Zou is a young entrepreneur who took the risk of the making decision which turned out to be a strategic decision. The function of the entrepreneur is planning, controlling, organizing and leading. To be an entrepreneur is a challenging position. The one who is entrepreneur must plan the working of the company and the expenditure of the company. The entrepreneur must organize the position of the employees according to the skilled based. Controlling of the organization and maintaining the physical properties are to be done by the entrepreneur. The employees must look up to the entrepreneur for the motivation that will make the employees meet the company goals.

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