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3 Off Beat Management Courses Gaining Momentum in India



bachelor degree in Hotel Management

“Read the blog to know about making it big with three off beat management courses in the current competitive job market. “

If you are just out of your high school and already wondering how you will be able to make it big in the cruel competitive world of professionalism, then thinking offbeat can be the right way for you. If you take a look around, you will get to know that the students who are perusing a degree on the general course are often failing miserably in their career. If you don’t want to join the bandwagon of unemployed generation, then thinking out of the box can be the right option for you.

If you take a look at the data of National Employability Report 2015, then you will find out that the number of unemployed students is becoming alarmingly high. Those days are long gone when being an engineer could give you an advantage in the race of getting a job. Now, according to the aforementioned report, around 80% engineering students in the whole country are unemployed. The data is pretty scary and that is why you need to tread a different path since stakes are quite high in this market. Every year approximate 50 lakh students graduate amongst whom nearly 75% enters the job market. Now, amongst this 75%, almost 47% remains unemployed. So, when you are planning for your future studies, make sure you are considering everything before making a decision.

The Lacking Factor

Now, if you are thinking why the students from the general courses don’t get any advantages in career, then here are the reasons.

  • Our education system is more of a theory-oriented structure which doesn’t offer much practical knowledge in application. As a result, there is lack of balance which eventually becomes a big downside for a student.
  • While perusing a course, students, as well as the parents, hardly think about the development of job-specific skills. As a result, in the real world, even a meritorious student can lag behind.

However, currently, a change is happening in this education ecosystem of India. With more and more professional courses, programs and institute sprouting all over the country are changing the scenario gradually. In such a situation, when you are thinking of higher studies, then think of the management courses in offbeat streams, Here, I am going to mention three such courses that will help you pave a way to a brighter career. Take a look.

Hotel Management

If you are passionate about hospitality and cooking, then going for a bachelor degree in Hotel Management can be a good option for you. Choosing the right program and institute will give you an exposure to the national and international hospitality sector as well as you will gain experience in different cuisine and specialization. For placement, you might get a chance to do your internship abroad too.

Hospital Management

Given the huge number of healthcare establishment around the country, the demand for management officials to take care of the internal operations and services is becoming high. To keep up with this, the popularity of hospital management course in India is gaining momentum too. This program will make you able to take care of the finances of such a big institute while streamlining the operation and management to provide the patients with the best healthcare services. Get enrolled in a hospital management course in Kolkata and start preparing for an amazing career.

Travel and Tourism Management

Are you passionate about traveling and want to channelize it in your job? If yes, then this program is meant for you. Since the demand for organized traveling is increasing globally, the popularity of the travel and tourism management course is increasing too. On one hand, it will develop your knowledge and expertise to pull off travel programs. On the other, you will develop an excellent communication skill too.

So, now as you know about these offbeat management courses, don’t waste your time. Join a program and start flying higher. Remember, the sky is the limit.

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