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4 Weird Mistakes You Do While Maintaining the Car tires



As we all know, the tire is the only part of your vehicle in direct contact with the road. Perhaps that’s the reason why they’re crucial ta your car’s performance, safety & fuel economy. Experts say that tire has a significant impact upon your braking, turning and traction. For sure, it’s good to think of saving money on car tire maintenance, but it’s more important to be concerned about the necessary expense of your car tires. Therefore, the car tire industry experts have highlighted major issues – if addressed – will help your car perform as expected. So let’s dive in;

Worn treads

It’s your responsibility to check if the tire tread is up to the mark. In case the tread seems bare or maybe even breaking apart, it time to change. If you want to check tire tread depth, get a penny to test the depth of your tire treads. Here’s how you do that;

Put it in tire treads with a head pointing to the center. If the head is covered, you’ve got enough tread left. If not, it’s time to buy a new set.

Old tires

If your car tires sit for over 6-months out of 1-year, it’s time to consider buying a new set. It’s not about the tire’s condition now. You’ve got to change the tires even if treads are in good condition. Keep in mind, the rubber gets harder as the tire gets older. Perhaps that’s the reason why many car tires with such conditions start to lose wet weather traction. Experts have recommended that you must get new tires if they’re 5-6 years old, especially if you live in areas with seasonal weather changes.


If you own a car, have your car tires rotated every 5k to 7k miles to prevent uneven wear. Me mindful that uneven wear leads to steering pulling to left or right. As a result, it will increase road noise inside the vehicle that might not come to notice until your car is fitted with a new set of tires.

If you have the FWD car, the tire rotation will be a bit different if compared to AWD cars. Frankly, it’s not going to be as simple as swapping the front side for the back side. After that, also make sure that the car tyres fitting is being correctly done.

Proper inflation

If you are concerned about filling up the tank on a regular basis, you must also be equally rather more concerned about having how to inflate the tires properly. Still many of you do it the wrong way and end up shortening the life of your car tires. It’s not about whether you inflate the tires regularly or not, it’s about how do you do that exactly. And you know what, the biggest problem is improper air pressure.

You’re doing it wrong if you inflate your car tires with the pressure listed on the tire’s sidewall. The numbers you see on the sidewall are mentioned to indicate the maximum air pressure your tires can hold. It’s not the optimal tire pressure for tires to run on. So just make sure to have your car tires inflated properly.


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