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5+ Personalized Wedding Cake Ideas to Make Amazing Memory



Wedding Cakes are one of the biggest concerns of any couple. However, while planning the wedding, they go over every minute detail but miss out this one, maybe putting it off at the last moment. Rather than regretting this, you can arrange a personalized cake beforehand. Given below are some of the ideas that you can carry out for your wedding!

Kalabasa Feather Cake

One of the coolest trends that you will see around this time in this delicious field of wedding cakes is the brushstroke cakes. These cakes are also called as Kalabasa Feather cake, as they are art-inspired creations. What makes this cake unique is the ‘feathers’ adorning the side. It is made with melting chocolate on wax paper and then using a paintbrush to create a design resembling feathers. They are then placed alongside the cake once the feathers are hardened and cooled off. You can also have cake delivery online, so that it reaches your wedding venue whenever you want it to.

Hand-painted Flowers Cake

This romantic trend fits right in with spring wedding décor and garden wedding style or even a beach wedding. Hand painted flowers on the cake are sure as hell looks pretty, and this is a part of the new outlook one is turning on to these wedding cake trends. Watercolor wedding decorations have not been in the game for long, but they are surely making their place in the latest and popular wedding trends, and a strong one at that.

Funny and Playful Couple Cake Toppers

Since wedding cake trends also cover the cake toppers, there are a lot of different and playful couple cake toppers in these trends. One of them is the bride and groom cake toppers. It is an absolutely fabulous topper with two miniature figures – a groom and a bride – in different poses, maybe in some funny or playful manner or even in romantic and serious manner! The choice is yours. You can also use some filmy pose toppers which would look quirky and perfect for Coupler who loves equally quirky and filmy things and stuff.

Interesting Written on your Cake

You can also use your wedding cake to write as well! You can also write your love you have for each other on this wedding cake. You can ask your cake to be delivered adorned with some beautiful love quotes or get something interesting written on your cake. This might be unconventional, but it really does make you cake unique and creative and becomes truly personalized. It would certainly add a beautiful emotional touch to the celebration of your one of the happiest day – your wedding! If you are planning to gift a wedding cake to your near one’s wedding, maybe you can have congratulation cake delivery possible, with congratulations! Written over it in impressive font!

Cake Decor with Various Blooms

The power of blooms when they are combined with something sweet and yet equally delicious, such as cakes, is so awesome and unique. Flowers are an intricate part of any weddings, of any cultures, because it can be used for beautifying the bride or to simple welcome the guests. You can, therefore, plan to keep flowers as a theme for your wedding cake. Either you can use a flower trail to decorate the cake, or you can place bouquets of tulips or roses on each layer, making it look beautiful and stunning.

Cake which Tell your Story

Every couple has a story to tell, about how they met, how they become friends, and how they fell in love. And a-tell-your-story cake is something that you would need for this idea to work. You can have a cake in a the form of tiered silhouettes or you can totally wear off the road and have your cake tell your amazing, lovely, romantic love story, just like a comic book strip. You can take some time to plan this all, as this cake would require to be unique and delicious.

Word-cross Cake

Word Cross is like a basic game, which everyone enjoys till date! Whipped Bakeshop based in Philadelphia are the ones to create this innovative word search cake for Philadelphia Magazine. They embossed the letters on the cake by piping over the magazine’s name. You can do the same with your wedding cake. Make the cake-maker pipe over the couple’s name and also highlight some other romantic letters, something related to your relationship. It will be a cake to remember!

So there you have it! These are the latest trends in the world of wedding cakes. Wedding cakes are kind of a great deal, and therefore you don’t want to mess them up by taking something ordinary from your usual bakery or a cake shop. If you want to make your favourite flavour cake for your special wedding then go and find the recipe at qfoodtravel. These cakes are opposite of mundane and will help everyone remember the sweet memories you all guys made during this wedding!

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