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5 preventative eye care exercises



There’re various exercises for preservation, maintenance and improvement of the eyesight. Muscles in the eyes are responsible to shift the focus between near and distant objects, contraction and dilation of the pupils per adjustment to different lighting. Eyesight starts to deplete when these muscles become stiff or weak overtime. The different eye workouts keep the muscles strong and flexible ensuring that the brain is responding properly against both the eyes.

Eye strain, weakening and atrophied eye muscles are caused commonly by the daily activities. Humans are born with eyesight so appropriate that it can be used for hunting distant objects however; lifestyle changes over the last few 50 and 100 years such as television binge, computer use, video games addiction and excess reading, all such activities weakens the eyes. Your eye doctor in Dubai is likely to recommend these exercises after careful examination for possible anomaly.

  1. Eye muscle relaxing workouts

Like every other part of the body, eyes also require relaxation to be able to see properly. Tightened/stiffened muscles have limited range of movement that changes the way our eyes respond to light. ‘Palming’ is a good way to relax the eyes which involves rubbing of both the hands for at least 15-30 seconds until they’re warm, close the eyes and place the palms on eyes. Don’t exert pressure on the face or the eyes and continue this exercise for ten minutes.

  1. Stretching

Put the fingertips on the face, gently trace a circle around the eye and follow the finger movement with the eyes. The workout is suitable for closed and open eyes while must be done with both.

  1. Look near & far

Look out of the window or at any distant object in a room if that’s all you’ve to work with. Place the object as far away as the eye can clearly see it. Now, hold the finger close to the face and focus as clear as can be right in front of the far away (distant) object. Switch the focus back and forth from the object and the finger; do this repetitively and as quick as can be. While performing this workout, make sure the focus remains only on the object and the finger.

  1. Stereo vision

Switching between the cross and parallel vision helps the brain to collaborate both the eye movement! Parallel vision refers to the focal point of the vision behind the object whereas cross vision means focal point is in ahead or in front of the object. The workout would relax the eye muscles and enhance coordination/collaboration between both the eyes.

Stereo vision exercises are challenging initially but things would align with regular practice. There’re many tools and methods to work with cross and stereo vision that can be obtained from an eye doctor in Dubai upon request or purchased online.

  1. Vision therapy

Many different books and programmes are available against effective eye workouts that are all helpful to a certain extent. The most helpful is consulting a vision therapist especially if you’re already having problems.


Always consult an eye doctor if any vision related problem occurs. In the meantime, perform these simple exercises for improved vision and stress-free eyes.

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