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5 Things You Must Do Before Travelling To A New Country



Are you thinking about your next vacation? If yes, then I don’t blame you because the holiday season is just around the corner and there is no better time to travel than now. Before you pack your bags and hop on to the airplane, there are few things you must do to make your trip memorable. In this article, we would look at some of those things that you should do before visiting a new country.

1. Do Some Research

Try to know as much about your destination as you can so you know what to expect when you land in that country. Everything from places you visit to hotels you live in to food and drinks you enjoy should be a part of the research. Learn more about their cultural norms and rules and regulations so you don’t get into hot waters when you reach there. You can read articles, blogs, travel guides, books and magazines to get a sneak peek into your desired location before you reach there. When you are well prepared, you tend to enjoy your trip much more as compared when you are not prepared.

2. Learn a New Language

I am not saying that you should be an expert in Spanish before you visit Spain but atleast you must memorize and know the meaning of some basic words so you can communicate with the locals and convey your message to them. It is highly recommended that you spend weeks in learning a language of a country you are travelling to. This will save you from the embarrassment especially if you are travelling to a country where locals don’t understand or speak a word of English.

With internet and mobile apps on your side, it would not take long before you learn to pronounce certain words, know their meaning and learn to use them into sentences. Use language learning apps such a Duolingo and websites like Rype, to master any language quickly. Many locals tend to welcome tourists with open arms who speak in their own language even if they are struggling with it.

3. Pack Intelligently

When it comes to packing, two factors have a major influencer, destination and season. Ask yourself question such as which destination you are travelling to and which season you are travelling to? Irrespective of what your friends, families and media tell you, you will be able to buy anything you need so it is better to pack light and save yourself money and from hassle at the airport. In fact, you should leave some room in your bag so you can bring some souvenirs when you return for your friends and family back home. Carrying around heavy luggage not only restricts you from being spontaneous but will cost you more as well.

Make a Adventure List

Let’s say you are travelling to Dubai or any other city that offers some adventure filled activities then you must have an adventure list ready and make the most of this opportunity.If you are travelling to a destination like Dubai then, you should surely go on a desert safari in Dubai.

You can quench your thirst for some heart racing adventure by indulging in some dune bashing adventure. If that is not enough, you can compete against others in a quad racing fest or experience sandboarding like never before. That does not mean that Dubai does not have anything for non-adventure loving fans. For those who are not interested in adventure, dhow cruise Dubai marina let you see the city from a different perspective.

5. Call Your Bank

Whether you are planning to use your credit card, debit card or want to make payments via cash, be sure to inform your bank about it as some banks tend to block your account if they see an extraordinary foreign transaction taking place from your account. For example, you live in USA and you are travelling to Brazil and performing a big financial transaction, this could send the alarm bells ringing and the bank would block your account on security reasons.

Moreover, call your credit card company and notify them as well about your trip and tell them that you will be making global transaction. It is better to take some cash with you or exchange for local currency before boarding a plane because there are instances where people struggles to find an ATM especially, if you are travelling to a remote location.

Which of these five things would you do before travelling to a new country? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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