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7 Mistakes to Avoid While Implementing Best ERP for Your Business



If you are thinking about implementing ERP solution, then you have to keep in mind many things like right technology platform, budget, etc. So are there some mistakes that you must avoid to ensure success:

Mistake #1: Choosing Wrong Technology

If you are choosing an ERP solution just because your local vendor has suggested it, or you have decided on developing a customized solution for your manufacturing unit, then you need to think again. A wrong technology decision may send you behind many years with money going down drain.

To Do: Go for a technology solution that has been proven in the market and which is the best for you manufacturing vertical. The SAP is the best solution as it is the de-facto leader in manufacturing vertical across the globe. It has thousands of installations that may serve as a template for you to choose from. In last 25+ years has proven itself and you can trust it for sure.

Mistake #2: Improper Requirement Gathering

Once you have decided on the technology, you will have to follow all the steps that are required for success. And it all starts with clear requirements gathering before the implementation takes place. There have been a few instances where SAP implementation has failed, and the customer sued SAP. But SAP was able to successfully counter that client was unable to define the business requirements that lead to failure of the project.

To Do: Hire experienced hands so you must go for SAP implementation services from gold partners.

Mistake #3: Not Involving Users in Decision Making

Can you ignore the critical users of SAP in the company? If you do, you may miss out on many important things. Make sure that the technology partner along with the internal IT team is not limited to making discussions with the top brass of the company. It may result in costly failures. There have been many instances where the company first went ahead with installation but only to find later that it failed miserably.

To Do: If you want to avoid such things in your organizations, then you will have to make sure that all the employees are well trained in using the system.

Mistake #4: Failure in Choosing the best Delivery Model

The computing has changed significantly, and cloud has deeper inroads. Will cloud computing solution be best for you or should you go with on-premise version? The on-premise version will require your IT team to maintain the system, hardware, and massive capital investment. They are best for those who want to have everything on-premise. On the other hand, cloud solutions are offered like subscription-based services and come with pricing plans that that fit one’s budget. While cloud solutions have become popular but they have their own set of implementation challenges, so you need to be very clear right from the beginning and find out whether your implementation partner has the required capabilities to deliver such projects on time.

To Do: You will have to make sure that the solution delivery model you are going to choose fits your budget and can be implemented with a high degree of accuracy.

Mistake #5: Inadequate Budget

Numerous decision makers don’t fully understand the budgeting at the start of the project only to discover later that they are running short of it. SAP implementation, depending on the delivery model, has different pricing models. You have to discuss the same with your implementation partner well in advance. If you are not sure about it, you can ask for past implementation details to get the fair idea.

To Do: You should have a clearly defined budget in place depending on the implementation you choose. And most importantly be ready to stretch it as well.

Mistake #6: Absence of Schedule

Once have made the fundamental decisions, the next thing that you have to do is to have a schedule that explicitly provides the delivery details of every module or part. It will give you clear visibility about Go-Live of the solution.

To Do: Once the implementation starts you should ask from the implementation partner a precise date of Go-Live. You should also define what an acceptable limit is.

Mistake #7: Not Testing Final Solution

Once the solution has been implemented, you have to make sure that if it is rendering desired results. Are all the functions delivering the results as expected?

To Do: You have to make sure that solution has been tested thoroughly by the implementer and may be an independent tester as well.

In The End

Go for SAP implementation services only from a gold partner who has undertaken projects of differing scale. And there must also be a team of experts to take on the technical challenges emerging during the project.

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