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8 Creative Surprise Gifts for the First Date to Impress your Partner



Falling in love is always been a magical experience. Even the feeling of being lucky lingers on while going for a date with your partner! The first date is a time when you both can get to know each other. You should plan your date well to make every moment a special one! You need to start planning your first date by choosing that perfect gift. You do not have to buy something awful for your partner! Surprise her with something simple with which she can feel relaxed. To make the moments amusing express your feeling for the girl you have fallen for in the perfect way. Here are some suggestions for some of the most gratifying and solicitous presents. Make an impression on your partner on the first date.


1) Chocolates

Instead of buying expensive gift items, candy bouquet delivery can surprise her. A customized small box of chocolates and candies can do it all! This idea can never go wrong as it provides mouthwatering, crunchy, luscious pieces full of flavors. The package full of your tender love will help you to keep other things modest!


2) Flowers

A flower is one of the sweetest and delicate gift items that have always been a joy to receive. Every flower has significances to express your true feeling towards that special one. It says all for you instead of uttering a single word! It is up to you whether you want to keep it simple by presenting her stick fragile fresh blooms on your first date. Better to avoid red roses, as they might make you look as though you are begging for closeness too soon!


3) Gift Basket

Every girl has a different preference. Not every girl is fond of every flowery smell! But every girl definitely loves to receive gift baskets. Shower your love with customized gift basket delivery and watch her going feebly on her knees! Present her a delightfully crafted basket loaded with girlie goodies.


4) Jewelry

Offer a charm to provide a shimmer on your first date. But it is recommended to keep in mind not to gift an expensive give on the first day! It might come with a desperate ‘show off’ nature which you would want to keep aside as a crucial factor. A simple delicate gold-plated bracelet or earrings can compliment her and do the trick. A special jewelry presented from your end will always be treasured.


5) Teddy Bear

It is all about how well you know that girl. Before planning for a date just put on an eye on her social media pages. It will help you a bit to know about her likeness. If most of her pictures are with plush toys and cuddle teddies, then go and buy one for her. You can choose a customized one which has ‘You are way too sweet’ written on it! She will be delighted to receive an endearing, delectable and cuddly one.


6) Gift Card

Presenting your date a gift card would be a tricky one. If she is your girlfriend and you both are comfortable with each other then it is fine. If you are planning for the second date, give her gift card which can cover the costs. Gift cards are acceptable in movie theaters, restaurants in which you both can use that. It is a sign of your first date that you will meet her again. Try to hand over the card while leaving her at the end of the evening! Promise her that you would like to carry on this relation and give it another level.


7) Cup Cakes

Cakes can do wonder anytime. It is the showstopper in any happy and happening event. Order online cute, fresh and delicious cupcakes for your first date. Make sure you both gulp down it together. Some sweet little gestures are always good to make a day treasured one. So gifting her cupcake and devouring it together will let her know your romantic side! Also, buy another one for yourself so that she can enjoy having her own!


8) Bonsai Tree

Present yourself as a mature and thoughtful one by gifting her Bonsai Tree. A small tiny potted version of Bonsai can do wonder. Online gift shop corners are now available to send gifts online with an enormous selection. This gift will make her remind all the time about her first date! You will remain in her thoughts forever!


First dates are always delicate. You are always in two minds thinking of what to do and what not to. You want to look both appealing and concerned but certainly not needy. So, just go through this short and sweet list of creative 10minuteideas. Whatever you pick as a gift, will reflect your efforts and contemplation you put in. Be honest and head on for a new journey.

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