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8 Effective Ways to Teach English Online



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Teaching online, for the first time, maybe a little like driving a car in an unknown city. But, as a teacher, you can’t say ‘no’ to this mode of teaching as it’s a beneficial part of the learning process.

Read this post and get introduced to the creative ways that you can use while teaching students online. You’ll learn how to teach pupils through the arts.

Prepare & Master Online Technology

If you’re planning to teach online, you need specific technical fitness; you need to prepare and master online technology. Your first step should be to invest in the right software and hardware. Arrange a reliable laptop or PC, an active internet connection.

Besides, choose to communicate information using multiple channels. For instance, don’t post information only in the announcements or in the feedback area. Send every piece of information via email also. This reduces the number of students saying they did not get the notes. It’s good to post information in as many places as possible.

Involve Online Immersion Activities

As a teacher, you know that students’ mind and imaginations aren’t fully engaged all the time. How do you think they can access stories, poems, and other texts online? You need to do something different to draw their attention.

Studies have found that immersing children in a range of creative activities before reading the text keep them ready to fully prepared, and excited about the reading journey ahead of them.

As an online teacher, you can choose paintings, sculptures, music composition to share ideas, vocabulary, and concepts. Share all these things to all students. Or, send separately to individuals depending on their needs. This gives students a fresh meaning and purpose of learning.

Sync Official Email Account to Your Phone

Remember, you want to be a good teacher. Why don’t you sync your official email account to your mobile? This doesn’t just help you stop missing important messages, but also allows you to provide answers to questions raised by your students. In general, students are often motivated when they get a quick response from their teachers.

Keep Clear Purpose Online

Is there any specific reason to read or write anything if you don’t know why you’re doing this? To enable your students to perform well, let them have a clear purpose to all reading, especially when it comes to writing tasks.

Suppose that you give them an assignment to write an article for a leading newspaper. They must know why this task is required and why the quality of writing matters. They must also know who will be a real audience for their published work. So, keep everything clear to them by providing them with relevant videos, emails, and other pieces of content.

Create an Inspirational Online Learning Environment

Create an inspirational learning environment that inspires adults and children alike. Encourage them to discover new texts, genres, and authors. You can do this by making teaching methods inviting, well-resourced and highly organized.

Create an online group of students to discuss topics, subjects and important questions. Share with them motivational quotes, reminders, memes, tips, etc.  Besides, you can also advise them through an online chat to read particular newspapers, magazines, books, classic texts online.

If any student in your class has written any compelling story, share it with other students in the group. Let them realize that a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

Raise the Level Of Involvement And Participation

Raising the level of involvement and participation of students online is one of the most crucial challenges. Follow the instructions given below:

  • Grab great source of reading materials: choose a newspaper article.
  • Make sure your students are interested in the topic.
  • Ensure whether it’s suitable for the age group.
  • Avoid an article that is unusually
  • If it’s too long, it will discourage them.
  • The article you have selected should have some good grammar exponents (past perfect, reported speech) or interesting syntax and sentence style?

Create an Online Forum

Make sure the online learning management tool you are using allows you to create a forum where students can ask questions on a subject and find useful information. For instance, if you notice that most students struggle to ask questions directly, let them ask via forum. Create a forum where they can easily post their problems and find the right answers.

Focus on ‘think aloud’ strategies

Your English subjects include everything: writing, reading, and speaking. The teaching of reading online is not easy. It’s hard especially when your students’ fluency in reading increases. You cannot know what reading skills you need to teach them, and when.

For this, make sure you have modeled explicitly specific reading strategies to the online platform. This will enable you to let students have a holistic bank of skills to draw upon.

Your strategy should include scanning a text, predicting or creating a mental image, making an inference.

You should also use ‘think aloud’ statement model. Ask them to read their book louder. This improves children’s reading ability, and they will fully concentrate on. Thus, they’ll become better readers. Introduce these strategies to your students, then assess in follow up guided reading activities.

Thus, if you want to become a successful online teacher, keep trying to add new methods and technologies to your teaching style. It not just helps students get the best out of you, but you’ll also have better career growth.

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