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9 Friendly Tips on Writing Helpful Hotel Review



Writing and leaving a hotel review are both beneficial for you and the hotel itself – sharing your own experience and free marketing for the hotel. If you have an awesome or bad experience on your stay, you can’t wait but share it to everyone. Hotel reviews are helpful to the management as they can improve their services and eventually satisfying the future guests.

However, keep in mind that you need to things in perspective and be objective. Your feedback is valuable for the hotel and to other people. Make your hotel review useful. How to write an informed, fun, and helpful hotel review? Here’s how:

Try to be objective on your hotel review

As much as possible, your hotel review should be objective and not influenced by other people. Always stick on your own experience when you stayed in that hotel. Start your hotel review based on your own thoughts without biases from other people.

Be as descriptive as you can

Writing a hotel review can be compared to writing fictional stories – full of details and description. When you say nice things about the hotel, describe how these became nice to you. If you want to talk about how great is the hotel interior, describe the whole interior using adjectives to make it more readable. If you want to talk about the amenities of your hotel room, go ahead and include all necessary details about it. Always be creative with your language when reviewing the hotel because there are other people that rely on your thoughts.

Be as honest as possible on your review

It is really important to only share what you really experience during your stay. Honesty goes a long way. Be honest with your hotel review but don’t be libelous, writing things that could seriously damage the hotel reputation and you don’t have proof of it.

Cover the important five Ws

Your review should contain the place where you are. Then you should include who you were with during your stay, and what you did, experience, and ate in the area. Also, mention when you did stay in the hotel. Lastly, tell the readers why or why not you recommend this certain hotel you’re reviewing.

Describe in details the facilities and amenities

One of the things that people would like to know about the hotel they’re eyeing is the facilities or amenities it offers. Describe the room amenities, overall facilities of the hotels, and some add-ons you find useful and helpful on your stay. Ensure that you are detailed when describing the add-ons and available amenities of the hotel, so you can help fellow travelers what to expect or whether they would like it or not.

Include information about the hotel location

In your review, you should also list down all major attractions nearby. Be honest how far or near they are to the hotel location. Also mention if there was a beach nearby or some activities they might want to try. You can also tell the fare on various transportation in the area and how to get on certain places.

Add your own personal helpful tip

Is there anything that you personally experienced that led to your awesome stay? Tip the readers. Is there a specific room or restaurant menu that you would like to recommend? Tell your readers. Bottom line is, share some tips that are helpful to you and might be useful to others as well.

Give feedback about the hotel staff

Hotel staff is also the ones that make or break your stay. In your review, you can describe how courteous and friendly they are. Tell the reader how the hotel staff was helpful on your stay. You may also include in your review how they went out of your way just to accommodate your requests. Let the hotel staff shines on your review.

Incorporate photos

Nothing beats the enjoyment of seeing pictures of travel and staycation photos. Whenever possible, include those photos you took so the readers will have an idea what the hotel or place look like. Most people are visual, so photos will be helpful too when deciding to book that certain hotel. Photos should be coupled with descriptions as well.

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