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9 things to keep in mind before buying sunglasses



Finally, it’s the time to wear sunglasses and protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Congratulations for taking the very first step towards protecting your eyes. You need sunglass not just to look good but also to protect your eyes from all the eye problems. You explore all the options available in the market or on the internet but highly sceptical regarding which one to buy. You are in doubt if the sunglass you have chosen is worth the money or not. After all, there are so many brands, types of frames, shapes on the market, so which one will be perfect for you. If these questions are bothering you, then you have come to the right place. Let us help you and tell you about the important things that you need to keep in mind before buying sunglasses.

  1. Brand matters

The market is full of sunglasses, you will see local vendors flocking here and there trying to sell sunglasses. But no matter someone has told you this or not, it is extremely important to buy only branded sunglasses. No doubt, the branded sunglass cost a little but there is a reason why they are here in the market since time immemorial. Branded sunglasses are good for your eyes and don’t cause any irritation. They are more than ornaments, to be honest. That’s why always go for the branded ones.

  1. Look out for 99 to 100% UV protection glasses

The main purpose of your sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Otherwise, what is the purpose of wearing them? Beauty enhances your look for sure but not at the cost of damaging your eyes. Harmful UV rays can cause cataract, various eye conditions, and even cancer. Cheap sunglasses will only cover your eyes, but it will never give you protection from the UV rays. The dark glasses of the cheap sunglasses can actually let in more harmful UV rays causing more damage.

  1. Buy polarized glasses

Polarized glasses are important if you want to stay away from the glare. When you want to drive on a hot sunny day or want to swim, always wear a polarized glass. It will help you to drive better and look into the water better as well. Reflection on our glasses can cause a lot of disturbances especially when you are going for a long drive. If you are looking to buy a sunglass which you can wear while driving, then Polarized sunglasses are the one for you.

  1. Don’t worry about the colour of your shades

So many of us pick a darker shade of the glass because we feel they will give more protection. But, this is actually not the case. It doesn’t matter what colour shade you are wearing, what matters is whether your glass gives UV protection or not. So, from now on choose a branded glass which protects your eyes 100%. Buy eyeglasses online in India which will not only enhance your look but will protect your eyes too.

  1. Lighter eye colours?Please do wear sunglasses

People with lighter eye colour are more prone to catch eye problems due to harmful UV rays. Good sunglasses protect your eyes from dust and foreign particles from getting inside your eyes, they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and also from dangerous eye problems.

  1. Cover your eyes more

When you need to stay outside for a longer duration or has to stay outside in the sun frequently, then it would be better if you wear a large sunglass or a wraparound sunglass which covers your eyes from everywhere. Don’t give any chance to the sunrays to penetrate from the top or side. If you don’t like to wear big sunglasses, then use a hat to cover your eyes.

  1. Don’t ignore your sunglasses when there are clouds

Almost everyone takes out their sunglasses when they see clouds. But this is actually not a good habit. Clouds only block the sunlight not the harmful rays. Its equivalent to wearing cheap sunglasses with no UV protection. So, don’t take them out. Wear them always.

  1. Wear sunglasses even if you wear contact lenses

Even though you wear contact lenses, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to wear sunglasses. Always protect your eyes with a good UV ray protected glasses whether you are wearing contact lenses or not. Contact lens price in India is affordable nowadays and so are the sunglasses. So, protect your eyes and don’t stop wearing them.

  1. Wear specific sunglasses for specific purpose

Don’t make the mistake of wearing normal sunglasses if you play sports. Always pick a sports sunglass if you are into sports. They are special built sports eyewear. Which you should consider buying. Other than this, always buy sunglasses from a reputed brand which you can trust.

So, these are our top 9 things to keep in mind before buying sunglasses. We hope this will help you to choose the right pair of sunglass for you. So, go ahead, follow these simple steps and buy the best pair for yourself.

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