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    Best Quality GYPSUM Plaster For your Homes




Plaster of Paris is a white powdery material made up of gypsum. This material is used in the decorational purposes as well as repairing cracks or faults in walls. Thus it is also r   mi the hmmeferred to as wall putty by some. It can also be used to repair ceilings. It is used in all fonts be it industrial , commercial, or residential and thus is an important product. It was mostly found in large amounts in Paris  and hence was named as Plaster of Paris. One coat gypsum plaster involves a channel and a jali.

Types of Plaster available

Plaster can be of several different kinds. The cement plaster is made up of sand, plaster, Portland cement and water blended together and applied to the interior’s of e wallls to attain strngth, hardness, smoothness and durability. Clay plaster is a mixture of sand, clay, water and plant fingers and wood pulp. This is a widely usedmaterial and is mostly applied in the interior of homes.Lime plaster is mostly made up of calcium hydroxide and water and sand. Firstly, limestone is heated over 850°C to make lime which is then mixed with water to make calcium hydroxide which is then sold as wall putty or white powder. Gypsum plaster is made after heating gypsum at about 300 °F. When the dry plaster is mixed with water, it gives gypsum plaster which takes about 10 minutes to settle and the process gets completed after a total of 45 minutes.

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Uses of POP

  • Architecture- All sorts of buildings use POP  for making false ceilings and repairing damaged walls.
  • Art- Early days most of the paintings were made on wet plaster of Paris.

Benefits of Using POP

  1. Provides smoothness and finesse to the walls.
  2. It provides support to the faulty walls.
  3. Doesn’t react with paint and has no alkali attack.
  4. Easily remorphed into any shape or size.
  5. Has low thermal conductivity.
  6. Does not shine or crack.
  7. Is durable and lightweight.
  8. Used for interior decoration because of it’s smooth finish.

Qualities of high standard POP

Any high quality POPmust be having a long life. It is not possible for the residential and commercial level people to invest repeatedly on POP expenses. They should be durable enough and also come at reasonable prices. Many companies today provide great quality wall putty at affordable prices. Also, it should be easily installable to save both time and money and effort of the workers. Thus, if you want to get superior quality gypsum plaster do contact Trimurti Projects as they are the best gypsum manufacturers in Delhi.

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