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Boost Your Home network with Netgear WiFi Extender Setup



Netgear Genie Setup

Configure your home network through Netgear WiFi Extender Setup and enjoy the features like high speed, safety of network, security of your house, etc. Netgear introduces extra vast features for you to enjoy its range of Internet without buffering everywhere in the house. It is very attractive by look and faithful with all your devices. It comes with a secure network and valid IP address that gives you a reliable network that no person can enter in it without your permission. You just have to tie a knot between your extender and wireless device and click on the network whose range you want to extend.

As far as the trust is concerned, this you can easily give to us. Our views shared with you are more than a help. Netgear Genie Setup can take your journey of Netgear WiFi Extender Setup to a successful end. You can reach your destination safely without any fear of hacking if you follow us step by step.

  • Locate the router and the extender under the same roof. Do not create any misunderstanding between them.
  • Plug them both, and connect them with each other through an Ethernet cable and wait until the LEDs on both the devices starts blinking.
  • Now, make the use of another cable and connect your computer and the extender with each other.
  • Once you have done so, open a web browser and search for Mywifiext. Due to some technical issues, you might see a default message like “Page Not found”. In such case you want to know something more often.

Get Rid of Home Connectivity Issues

Today, where everybody is facing connectivity issues on the other hand they are used to of WiFi usage also. But why these problems exist and what steps you should follow and be careful about.

  • Is your network adaptor up and running, is it properly connected to your current WiFi. If you see it disable, click on it to enable.
  • Your Ethernet cable, if you are using existing cable, make sure that it has a good power supply and avoid having cuts on it.
  • The wires of devices should properly be connected with each other. Don’t haphazard them with others, they have the right to set free. If you found them messed, release all the cables and connect them on their intended place properly.
  • Make sure that you and your devices are receiving proper signals from main router. Your router should be located nearby your device and should be visible. Avoid overheating of it and do not mess its wire with your modem.
  • Keep the notifications of all your devices enable that they notify you, whenever they need an updation.
  • Avoid Interference of third party devices. Switch them off when they are not in use (juicer, mixer grinder, Bluetooth devices, even treadmills, jogger, etc).

Netgear Genie Setup takes care of such issues like connectivity, range, Internet speed, hacking of device, etc. But remember you can’t jump directly into Netgear Genie Setup page. You have to go via Mywifiext, type this URL in the field of address bar of any web browser and wait until it respond you to proceed further. There are chances to see an error message in front of your home screen, but you don’t have to be worried. Just come out from your existing web browser get rid of all the malware, malicious files, browsing history, cache and cookies. Once you have done with all, shut down your device (computer or a laptop) wait for two minutes and start it again.

Netgear Genie Setup

Once you have restarted your device, type the URL carefully again in the address bar. This time use a new web browser instead of previous one. But you have to be certain that your device is physically and properly connected to your range extender. When your devices are connected to each other, seek for the network name NEGEAR_EXT and connect your device with it. Once you have logged in successfully filled your required default details in all the required fields and proceed forward and keep following the positive responses until you reach to the end of your setup.

Hope we solve all your issues. In case you are not going through about what is happening in the above given steps, feel free to ask your queries in the comment box given below.

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