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Bridgestone Tyres – All You Need to Know About This Brand  



Bridgestone is one of the leading tire manufacturing companies around the globe. It was founded in 1931 in Japan and expanded its manufacturing facilities in more than 26 countries. Over the past decades, Bridgestone has continuously brought improvements in their rubber products with a variety of tires that are infused with the latest technology.

Bridgestone spends generously on the research and development to come with viable solutions of safety, strength, and durability in tires. This is the reason that it has been the largest producer of rubber products in the world until 2017. In this article, we will look into the various functions, the variety, and performances that make the Bridgestone tyres the most demanding products in the auto industry worldwide.

Four Distinct Functions of Bridgestone Tires

The functionality of tires is not limited to moving a vehicle, but it is the primary force that assures your safe and comfortable journey. In the past, tires were not manufactured in line with the requirements of a vehicle and passenger. But, Bridgestone has paved the way for innovation by considering various driving aspects in the production process. In the result, Bridgestone tires are capable of the following functions;

  • Able to carry the vehicle’s weight
  • Better apply the braking and accelerating force
  • Maintain a direction and changes with the steering wheel
  • Play a vital role as a shock absorber

Variety of Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone caters to a massive market that is not limited to auto-industry, but escalates to the aircraft and commercial fields as well. The competitive edge and an exclusive variety are compelling, almost everyone to have these remarkable tires on their vehicles. Bridgestone tyres have the following variety with respect to consumer and market needs.

Passenger tires

The category of Passenger tires starts with economy cars and extends to luxury and sports cars. Keeping in mind the needs of different consumers, various brands exist. It includes Ecopia product line for fuel saving, Potenza for strong road grip, Torenza for remarkable luxury, Dueller for high performance, and Blizzak for ice and snowy terrains.

Motorcycle tires

Bridgestone does have an enticing variety of motorcycle tires for speed and racing enthusiasts. The sports fanatics who were always on the hunt of finding tires with strong road grip can now have Bridgestone for their heavy bikes.

Commercial Tires

Commercial vehicles need an endless durability of tires as they have to travel long distances on full loading capacity. Bridgestone serves the auto-industry with commercial rubber products for trucks, buses, and vans.

Off the road and Aircraft Tires

Bridgestone has been providing innovative solutions in the form of off-the-road tires that are perfectly suitable for use in agriculture, construction, mining, and seaports. Additionally, they have a separate category of aircraft tires that are manufactured for extreme conditions.

Key Performances of Bridgestone Tires

The car owners or commercial drivers often face the difficulty of selection a perfect tire match for their vehicle. Their needs vary in price, quality, and performance. They have their priorities according to the car they own or the way they drive. Bridgestone has tried to accumulate most of the qualities in their products to let the consumers select their preferred solution. Following are some of the key performances of their rubber products are famous for.

  • Fuel-friendly – efficiency, and economy
  • Extended Wear life – durable and long-lasting
  • Dry grip – for the hot and dry weather conditions
  • Wet grip – for safe driving in ice and snowy weather
  • Handling stability – to avoid accidents and mishaps
  • Comfortable Ride – relaxed and soothing
  • Quietness – to reduce noise pollution


Bridgestone tires are highly acclaimed for their advanced and technology-equipped solutions for the auto industry. Their historic struggle in coming up a new and enhanced tire product has blessed the industry with impressive and phenomenal products.

There are other remarkable names in the tire manufacturing business who have pursued perfection in rubber products since long. And, they have also succeeded a lot in their endeavors. But, Bridgestone is a market leader because of the key functions, the variety, and performances it has to offer in tires.

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Taj Wali Khan is an internet marketing executive and SEO specialist. He is working in this field from last three years. Apart from this, he takes out time to study and write about automobile industry and on vehicle accessories. He is currently associated with PitStopArabia – a well reputed and trusted online tire supplier in UAE.

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