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Choose between Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling Based on the Nature of your Product



Over the past few years, all we see is websites and portals which are based on graphics, animations, and video with minimal text. This is a radical shift from the early days of the World Wide Web when text-heavy websites dominated the scene. Even websites dealing with graphics had a lot of text to go with as this was the normal practice back in the mid to late nineties. But then things started to change with only relevant content on the websites and apt graphics and animations started to dominate.

Their transformation in this concern was slow, to say the least, but it is now the worldwide standard. Just tell me how many text-heavy websites you see nowadays? Even news websites now don’t use such a tactic as you may argue that if the news website won’t show you text then who will. But offering news in a multimedia presentation like a slide, video, and animation is the way to go as many websites now offer their content and different offers in this way.

While there are many ways in which a company can offer us its products, horizontal scrolling instead of vertical is now offered by a number of websites now. Puzzled that what it is all about? Let me offer you a brief insight into this in this blog now.

Horizontal Scrolling on Websites

Virtually all of us are used to vertical scrolling be it on websites or word processors. But there are many ways in which horizontal scrolling can be effective too. There are pages which use both horizontal and vertical scrolling or just horizontal scrolling. For the starters, websites with vertical scrolling are certainly very easy for all of us but if you will start using horizontal scrolling to its optimum, you will find its benefits in browsing through large catalogs and on e-commerce websites trying to show as many products to the visitors in a single go.

You can use plugins like Scrollable and you will be on your way to scroll fluently horizontally too without any hassle. So it is just for the shopping catalogs and other aspects in e-commerce business? Well, sort of but there are many other factors for which I think that this is going to be big in the coming few days. Let me tell you right from the start as for why this scrolling was introduced in the first place and how has crawled its way into the mainstream tactics offered by now many ecommerce web design services to their customers.

The Advent of Horizontal Scrolling

If you ask me, while it is now gaining a rapid popularity among designers, the horizontal scrolling was first used by designers to provide a more distinct user experience. After all, it is the end-users whose role is important in the sense that they provide the feedback to the designers. Every other e-commerce venture looks to make sure that their website looks simply awesome. And horizontal scrolling can make them succeed admirably.

Applying designs related to horizontal scrolling and making it work for any website is no mean feat to achieve. Designers need to be on their toes really to deftly craft designs that are used mainly on portfolio websites like apparel, color palette, products like smartphones and cellphones, etc. I am sure that you must have gone through several such sites in the past year or so. Whether you have liked them or not is totally up to you but it certainly offers all of us a different type of experience.

Final Word

Horizontal scrolling offers certainly a lot more content than an ordinary page. And it offers a chance for the designers to make a mark for themselves in their quest to offer the best web design suited to the target audience for their customers. While it can be a different experience a person not familiar with it but only time will tell that whether it can dominate or even replace vertical scrolling completely.

If you need some type of information concerning anything mentioned in this blog or want to offer your valuable feedback, please use the comments section below in this concern.

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