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Clean Your Home While Saving Money



Are you living out on your own? Trust me, it’s going to be very intimidating initially. You might not even know what to buy to keep from my new home. So when you show up at store, you stumble upon a huge cleaning aisle.

Let’s be honest! The cleaning aisle is one of the most overwhelming places in the entire world. Not only you have to smell 1-million bottles of cleaning products combined for an instant headache, but also the cleaning aisle is that one place where you don’t really even know what we’re looking for.

So if you’re moving out on your own for the first time, here’re a few things that you’ll need and how you can clean pretty much anything in your home for cheaper than you think. Let’s dive in;

So whatever you need will be falling into one of these two categories;

  1. Cleaning tools like thing used to scrub, brush and scrape.
  2. Cleaning products like solution that you use to lift dirt from the surface.

Cleaning Products

Products that you buy from the cleaning aisle would be blue window cleaner or creamy tub cleaner. But when you have these 4 ingredients, you can easily make your own DIY stuff and cover all the cleaning solution;

Baking Soda: Not only is this a natural mild abrasive, but also it’s a deodorizer and makes the perfect additive to any cleaning solution to scrub out tough grease, soap scum and scuff marks.

White Vinegar: it’s a degreaser, streak free cleaning agent, mild disinfectant and a deodorizer.

Dish Soap: This is considered a PH neutral cleaner. Anytime warm soapy water is called for, this is what you want to use.

Rubbing Alcohol: This is a disinfectant that will be used to clean & sanitize surfaces in point of contact, which harbor germs and bacteria.

Let’s Make Cleaning Solutions;

All-Purpose Cleaner: Just mix a one part dish soap to 20-parts water.

Disinfectant: Just mix one part rubbing alcohol to one part water.

Tub Tile and Toilet Cleaner: Don’t buy that cream cleanser. Just use one part vinegar, one part dish soap and sprinkle baking soda over the soiled area for added abrasion.

Glass Cleaner: Just mix one part white vinegar and one part water.

There’re a ton more recipes that you can try in order to make your own DIY cleaning solution with these 4 ingredients.

Cleaning Tools

Here’re a few cleaning tools that you’ll need;

Double Sided Sponges: Look for the type that are non-scratching to avoid scratching your surfaces especially delicate ones.

Microfiber Cloth: They dust and Polish no other type of cloth can do. Make sure to invest in one of these. They’re great for cleaning your electronics are also really long lasting.

Cleaning Tooth Brush: You don’t have to buy this, just grab out the older one that you are about to throw.

Paper Towel: They are of good use for cleaning toilets and dirty counters.

Vacuum: Get one if you don’t like dust in your house.

Container: it’ll be used to store all of your cleaning items.

Spray Bottles: The cleaning recipes that we just discussed, will be contained in these 4 spray bottles obviously.

Mop and Bucket: Last but not the least, invest in the good quality mop and bucket.

These ideas have been suggested by the professional maids in Dubai. So just keep up with these in order to make cleaning much easier and less hassle for you.


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