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Content Remarketing Campaigns: Do They Actually Work?



You know content marketing works – that’s why you invest in blog posts and e-books for your target audience. But what about users who go through content on your website but don’t convert into leads and paying customers on the spot? Well, just like PPC remarketing, you can target them again with content remarketing campaigns.

How Remarketing Works

With PPC remarketing, you can tag site visitors and serve them targeted ads after they leave your site. Site visitors are audiences who have already shown an interest in your website and remarketing gives you an opportunity to appear in front of them with even more targeted messaging to encourage them to come back and complete a transaction. Content remarketing is useful to promote brand recall, re-engage bounce traffic and convert them into leads.

Benefits of Content Remarketing

Content remarketing can give an extra push to your inbound marketing efforts. Developing meaningful content that audiences find useful takes a lot of time and effort – content remarketing helps maximize value. With content remarketing, you can increase the number of repeat visitors, increase average time spent on site and improve your chances of converting them into leads or paying customers.

Choice of Ad Formats

Google remarketing services providers know that the Google Display Network offers different ad formats including image ads, text ads, rich media ads and video ads and diversify ad formats to maximize chances of ad placement in higher ad positions. In remarketing, emotions play a crucial role getting audience attention and enticing them to click through and that’s why remarketers emphasize creating creative ads that resonate with audiences on an emotional level.

Remarketing on Google Display Network

Content remarketing campaigns are very effective in fortifying SEO efforts. For Google remarketing, the Google Display Network is the most powerful platform since it has over two million partner websites spread across all imaginable categories around the world. It’s the network with the most massive reach and even allows you to get your ads on Gmail, YouTube and mobile apps. Marketers can serve ads to tagged audiences on the network several times of the day, week or month across many different websites.

AdWords Remarketing Strategies

In AdWords remarketing, you’ll need to define audiences for your remarketing campaigns and create remarketing lists. You can create as many lists as you want such as lists that include people who viewed your blogs, people who visited pricing page etc. An effective content remarketing strategy is to define audience based on the different categories of blogs they viewed. Having different lists allows you to show different ads with precise messaging to suit their interests and bid aggressively for more valuable lists.

Achieving Precise Targeting

With AdWords remarketing, you can overlay demographic information such as age, gender, parental status, location onto remarketing lists to create custom lists for targeting ideal buyer personas. You can also set audience membership duration which is the period of time you will follow a user with your ads. It’s important to test and tweak this setting to find the right match for your audience and rotate multiple ads for your campaigns so that audience fatigue does not set in.

Winning Remarketing Tactics

There are some other winning tactics that professional AdWords remarketing services providers use to increase click-through rates. For content remarketing, they create unique ads that highlight the most popular content and send people to your best content. Popular content can be determined after analyzing most shared content on social media. For PPC remarketing, they use tactics such as offering high-value offers such as a free trial, demo etc.

In an increasingly competitive online business environment, don’t miss out on the opportunity to close a deal. Use content remarketing and PPC remarketing to bring back site visitors! Or just get in touch with a white label PPC services agency that has experts to deliver best results!

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