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Crash the marketing dashboards with high volume traction via email marketing using Dynamics!



Microsoft Dynamics is a superb CRM solution which helps to curate and mete out marketing communications to all the existing as well as probable clients. CRM works as a closed loop marketing function, which enables the user to assimilate and analyze the outcomes of all the marketing communications. It works as a fantastic tool to further refine and amplify the messaging.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a very advantageous tool for the marketers as it lets the marketers automate a lot of their key marketing methods. Hence, marketing experts are left with more time to spend on sanitizing the marketing processes. They are in a better position to cure highly touching marketing communications and that for the right people.

Now, coming to the email marketing capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Email marketing has it is created a special place for itself in the marketing plans. With a great volume of people using emailing services, this form of communication is considered as the best way to deliver the message to the audience.

What makes email marketing a favorite part of the marketing strategies?

Marketing strategies are constantly evolving, and same is the case with email marketing strategies. From small, medium to even the biggest of MNCs, all succumb to the power of email marketing. There are a plenty of reasons that make email marketing a favorite of the marketing professionals. One of the biggest reason is its impact.

With bulk emailing feature, a user is able to touch base an extremely high volume of audience. It is easier to convey a single message to people across geographical boundaries as well. And, the impression of the email marketing campaigns is generally very high as well, simply because the target group is large, hence, even if a few people open and read the communications, it makes a huge difference to the traction rates. As, ‘a few’ is not a small number when it comes to the results of an email marketing campaign.

Also, the marketers gets a chance to try out his creative skills to create a very catchy communication with good use of visuals.

Harnessing the powers of Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365, the latest version is very well designed to make the lives of the marketers’ way easier. Starting from customer insights, campaign automation, to email marketing initiatives, Dynamics 365 opens a vast range of opportunities for the marketers to get more traction.

Here’s how Dynamics CRM boosts the email marketing strategies:

  • Time to test your creative knacks

Dynamics CRM enables the user to speedily design customized email templates. The marketers gets the chance to make use of the smart templates in order to craft the messages in the most appealing manner. Starting from generic bulk emails to promotional letters, newsletters, product launches etc., all sorts of email messages can be creatively curated via Dynamics CRM. This really helps the marketer to develop exactly what he ways to send out. Through customer insights, analytics and various different means, a marketer gets a good understanding of the target audience. And, this feature of Dynamics CRM helps the marketer to shape the understanding into useful communications, and build a connection with the audience.  Marketers can harness their creative abilities to the fullest, to create eye-catchy as well as highly effective campaigns.

  • Email Marketing Dashboards & Analytics

Dynamics CRM allows the user to track the success rate of the email campaigns. Marketing automation features allows the user to track every email action that can be reviewed in the CRM dashboards. The dashboard is not a boring screen to look at, and can be customized as per the preferences as well. It contains important features like campaign charts, recent email clicks, bounce rates etc.

Also, the email analytics can be clubbed with other analytics like web conversions, website analysis etc. to quantify and review the ROI from the email marketing activity.


Dynamics CRM has a lot in store for the marketers and sales professions. Especially, when it comes to the email marketing campaigns, marketers can leverage the topnotch features of the software to get maximum traction. Plus, the software also allows the user to customize campaigns, and tailor them exactly as they want to.

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