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Decoding the reason behind craze for Public Speaking in Delhi?



In the last two year, Delhi and surrounding areas of NCR including Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad etc are witnessing a boom in Public speaking courses. Normally, we associate public speaking with orators, political figures who need to deliver speeches on podiums to a big audience. Then why a sudden surge in interest in public speaking?

Public Speaking is an art which is not possessed by all. To be an excellent orator is one thing and to keep the audience engrossed in your speech is another thing. Just mugging up the speech given to the person and speaking the same with fluency in the language is a good sign of a public speaker. But an excellent public speaker is the person who can touch the heart and soul of the listener and make them want to hear more. The skills of public speaking can be enhanced by tactics and techniques which can be learned from the proficient experts.

“Even even celebrities, entrepreneurs and business owners who seek to get an image makeover in our personality development courses also show interest in public speaking” according to Ms Nidhi Jagtiani, a leading Image Consultant based in Gurgaon and the principal consultant at Image Redefined.

Some people are born with the gift of public speaking and at large, it can be enhanced with learning. We often see politicians, celebrities, or business leaders delivering speeches in the media. The effect is extremely overwhelming at times and we simply get floored with their way of public conduct and speaking. This article will primarily deal with the advantages of Public Speaking.

Advantages of Public Speaking

  • Public speaking is not only about speaking to a larger audience. A professional manager addressing his or her respective team of company is also a form of public speaking. Limiting the sphere of public speaking is not possible. It leads to the development of a healthy relationship with the crowd which is being addressed.
  • Public speaking has proved since time and again that it is an important tool to bring about awareness among the people and pave the way to bring positive changes in the society. A classic example of this is the Apartheid Movement led by none other than the popular Nelson Mandela. He could bring the dawn through the awareness created among the public using public speaking as an effective tool.
  • When speakers address a respective public, the after effects of the same is that suddenly people want to talk to the speaker. The social networking gets a boost and this is a great platform for the image-building of the XYZ Company of the speaker or for the company on behalf of which the speaker delivers the speech.
  • On a personal level, these traits will boost the impact on the Resume or the CV of the speaker. Companies would prefer to absorb an influential speaker in their team who has the capacity to influence people. The personal traits of the speaker will get enhanced.
  • Most importantly, while addressing a large audience, the person is able to overcome the fear of speaking in public and hence a development of confidence adds to the character of the individual.
  • The speaker will be able to persuade the crowd with his or her beliefs. This is one of the most important results which people want through public speakers. Especially politicians or business leaders yearn for such results and persuading the crowd is their primary aim of addressing them.

The many benefits of Public Speaking can enhance the personal and professional character and personality of the individual as a whole. It is an art which can be developed with experience and mastered too.

So, keeping in view the above advantages, personality development and public speaking are becoming two most sough after courses for professionals who either wish to improve their career graphs or graduates who are about to enter professional lives.

Ms Aparajita Singh who heads Engmates, a premier Public speaking institute in Delhi says: “Marketing people in Delhi, who lack proper communication skills, are particularly interested in such courses to get the desired leap in their stagnant careers.”

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