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Disadvantages of Bunk Beds For Small Kids



Disadvantages of Bunk Beds For Small Kids

Ah well if you’re planning on your next kid and you need to work out a plan for your possible sleeping arrangements in your small flat, you’re definitely in the correct place. No more sleeping on crib mattresses laid on the floor, or adjusting in a big loft bed. The time is for you to shift your kids in a bunk bed.

This way you can not only save a lot of space and in your rooms, but also your toddlers will love  to sleep comfortably in their own bed. Toddler bunk beds with slide with provide your lovely toddlers with their own space. They will love it absolutely owing to the presence of slides, which we can also use while playing. This way they do not have to climb down, which mostly incorporates the maximum risks of falling.

Disadvantages Of A Bunk Bed

  • Obviously the first concern of parents will be tripping off from the ladder while climbing up or down. This problem can be solved to quite an extentby using the slides while climbing down.However accidents can be avoided if parents pay a lot of attention all the time, which is not always possible. Growing kids are become very unruly. Their disorderliness and irresistible nature can often bring them in an accidental situation. The high rails on both the bunks which actually protects the child from falling while they are asleep, can also pose a threat.The child can crack his head or any body part against it playfully.
  • Make sure the bunksof the bed do not have a lot of space in between them, so that the child sleeping in the bottom bunkwill not have the chance of cracking his or her head, with the base of the top most bunk. And also make sure the boards and the slats provide enough support to your bouncing child.Goodcare should be taken, so that the mattresses do not fall off. A bunk bed hence should be sturdy and stable enough to hold all of this.

Princess bunk bed with slideare made with the most cozy mattresses, which provide an optimum night’s sleep for your growing child.

  • Make sure you keep the bed in such a place or a room where the ceiling is not high. This is only to keep the child off, from reaching onto the ceiling fan, lights or whatever higher up in that room. Also keep your curtains in such a way, so that they are out of the reach of the child, even when they are at the top most bunk. If your kids are very small don’t let them do their beds themselves; however you can assist them while they do. In this way they will be in front of your eyes and of course it’ll be safe.


In short every possible thing meant for the safety of the child, can pose a threat if not utilized or supervised properly. Also if the safety measures are not applied, that is if the beds are made without such rails and ladders, then there will be more chances of accidents.

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