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Ease to Access Deleted files with EaseUS Data Recovery Tool



Unfortunately, losing precious data from your Smartphone and laptop is one of the most terrible experiences. Everyone store data or files on their laptop, Smartphone, or other storage devices.  The precious data include various files such as pictures, documents, audio, video, and other important files.  If your data or files are deleted or corrupted by mistake or accidently, then this situation frustrates a most. However, once your data is deleted, it doesn’t mean data is permanently deleted from your system.  You can easily recover your deleted data with the help of data recovery software. On the internet platform, there are various data recovery software such as Restoration, Disk Drill, EaseUS, and many others. Among all the EaseUS is the most secure and reliable recovery tool. With the help of the best recovery tool, you can easily recover deleted files and access the deleted files within a specific time.

There are various types of files recovered with the EaseUS software such as:

  • Partition recovery: With the EaseUS software the user can easily recover the distinct partition of deleted files. The user easily starts the partition recovery from different file format such as FAT16, NTFS and file system.
  • Recycle bin recovery: If the person can delete the files from recycle bin and using the shift+del key for deleted documents, then the EaseUS software program provide the best feature for the consumer to recover those files without any issues.
  • Preview recovery files: If you will face the problem for select the deleted documents or files inside the recovery process, and then with the EaseUS software tool, users can preview the files including image documents and video documents. And start the restoration process on the specific file.
  • Support Various Storage Media: With the using of EaseUS tool, a user without problems recovered the files from various storage media including flash disk, hard drive, USB flash, floppy disk, digital camera, and other media documents.
  • Using Filter for searching files: If you pick the particular file from the different variety of files, then you could easily use the filter option to search a specific report. With EaseUS tool, you can without any hassle process search the specific file or records.
  • Quick and Deep Scan Mode: The EaseUS data recovery software provides two scanning modes for the users such as Quick Scan and Deep Scan. The users easily select the scanning mode and start the scanning process for accessing the deleted files.

The EaseUS data recovery software is the finest tool for recover deleted files with simple steps. The users effortlessly download the EaseUS recovery software program from the internet and recover lost files without any problem. The EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard provides the various features for user and restores the data files within a specific time. The restoration software program also does the recycle bin restoration, format recovery, photograph recovery and internal or external hard drives. If you want to recover your deleted data with EaseUS data recovery tool, then you need to follow some instruction such as:

Step 1: Select location to scan:

In the first step, you need to select a location from which you lost your precious data.  If you select the location, then you can start the scanning process.

Step: 2 Start Scanning Process:

On the EaseUS data recovery wizard, there are two modes of scanning such as Quick scan and Deep scan process. Firstly, you can start with quick scan for find out the target files, if the files do not show with a quick scan, then you need to click on “Deep scan” button.

Step: 3 Preview Files and Restore:

After the scanning process, you can select the file form preview wizard and click on “Restore” button for recover the deleted files.

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