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Everything you need to know about Storefront Glass Glazing



A building, such as a bank, store, or supermarket, with glass in the front, usually has storefront glass glazing. A storefront glass consists of a metal framework that joins large glass panels in one place. If you have been considering changing the outlook of your establishment, you might want to get storefront glass. It will arrive at your facility precut. After that, the installers will mount it in frames. The frames will be secured in place using bolts, cement, gaskets, moldings, glazing compound, or clips.

If you are still considering getting storefront glass installed or not, the following advantages of such a move may convince you:

Advantages of installing storefront glass

The design and construction outside should be done in a manner that communicates the values, style, and identity of your company. Storefront glass can help the exterior of your establishment achieve a neat, clean, and modern look. Besides that, it will also:

Attract customers

Attracting customers requires a complex mixture of the right sounds, smells, and sights and storefront glass could lead you down the right path!

The exterior part of any store or establishment is the first thing that customers will see before walking in. Your loyal customers may choose to walk inside even if the exterior doesn’t attract them. However, things won’t go as smoothly with potential customers. Yet, if they can see the items on sale and the high-quality merchandise being sold inside due to the storefront glass outside, they might just walk in.

A bright and clean establishment will attract more customers. They will be able to inspect what they are buying from you. Consequently, you will end up selling more products/services to them. That would mean more profit for you!

Reduces UV damage

You may have heard or observed about the damaging effects of UV light on most things. The interior of your store isn’t any different. Storefront glass could be the right choice for any shops and stores displaying/selling carpets, drapes, and furniture. That’s because it can reduce interior fading by cutting the amount of UV radiation coming in.

Say goodbye to view-barring thermal drapes when you say hello to storefront glass.

Builds and increases the value

You may have heard that a sunroom increases the resale value of a residential property. Getting the extremities of your store or other establishment decorated with storefront glass can do that for you as well! Build and increase its value by giving your premises a modern look. Future buyers will also consider the added security that comes with laminated/tempered glass a bonus when viewing your property.

Don’t intend to sell just yet? Then as mentioned, make a favorable impression on the onlookers, customers, and other visitors to the shop. If you have enough room above the shop that you can rent it to tenants, they will also appreciate the storefront glazing.

Increases energy efficiency and reduces bills

In winters, most commercial building residents have to spend a considerable amount of money to maintain the inside temperature. The same is true during summers when, instead of heating, you are stuck paying the air conditioner bills.

Special kinds of storefront glazing, such as double-glazing, has an advantage over other exteriors here too. They can reduce the amount of heat lost by the interior during the cold weather while keeping the insides insulated against extreme temperatures during the summers! Double glazing can store the natural heat of the sun to warm the store’s interior making your visitors feel warm and toasty. It can also minimize the heat that enters through the windows on hot days.

Ask your glaziers and installers for insulated glass that will increase energy efficiency. That means you won’t be paying as much as you used to when it comes to utilities.

Gives you a chance to display high-tech digital signage

Once you have a storefront glazing decorating your front stoop, you can spruce up things further. For an even more modern and eye-catching look, display one of the new high-tech digital signs. Not only will it bring in more curious onlookers but some of them may even become your new customers! For additional curb appeal, the combination of high-tech signage and storefront glazed replacement windows is a winning one!

Increases the versatility of the display

A glass storefront window is a perfect way of showcasing the new arrivals, various promotions, ongoing sales, or the changing fashion trends. Show off a wide variety of products and quickly catch roving eyes of your customers every time you change the display on your window.

Reduces condensation

Window panes seem to be the places where a huge amount of moisture ends up. Thus, mold and mildew are likely to follow. If your store windows are encased in timber frames, they will soon begin to rot because of the fungal infestation. Storefront glass will help reduce the condensation.

Reduces noise

If your store is in a commercial building that sees a lot of daily traffic, then storefront glazing might help quieten things down. Double glazing can reduce outside noise even more than the other types of glass. Make your establishment a quiet haven where your customers can come to get away from the outside noise!

Importance of getting professional storefront glaziers

Many companies provide storefront glazing services. However, you should be careful when you hire one for yourself, or you may end up paying more than you bargained for! The installation of storefront glass must be done in a way that it doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the building but adds to it. Moreover, storefront glazing should be done in compliance with building codes, which can be different in different states and even locations! Trusting a half-experienced glazier to do the job for you doesn’t sound like much of a bargain now. Does it?

Want to have storefront glass installed in your store as soon as possible? Then what are you waiting for? Contact All Pro Door Repair right away!

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