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Google Drive Does Not Sync All Folders/ Files Properly – Fixes



Backup & Sync

Google Drive a.k.a G Drive is the storage service used by a large population among all the available Cloud storage services. Backup & Sync is the desktop application corresponding to Google Drive and is provided by Google. It helps the users to sync G Drive files to computer. Also it sync the selected folders from PC to Google Drive automatically when changes are made in them. The main motive of Backup & Sync is to help users to work on offline files when not connected to internet. It is really popular due to the reliable and error free services provided for users. But it is also possible for users to encounter certain issues while trying to sync G Drive to computer using Backup & Sync application. Google Drive app won’t sync with computer due to a number of issues which are being discussed in this article. This write-up also offers the solutions associated with Google Drive does not Sync all folders.

Suggested Fix: To perform Google Apps local backup to computer easily, use SysTools Google Apps Backup.

Google Drive Does Not Sync All Folders – Scenarios

  • Google Drive sync different number of folders in different computer
  • Backup of Google Photos taking too long to complete
  • Google Drive does not sync deep level files
  • Backup & Sync not syncing all photos to Google Photos
  • Google Drive does not sync all files even after ‘Sync Complete’ message
  • Files missing after Google Drive sync

Google Drive Does Not Sync Properly – Workarounds

google drive does not sync all folders

1. Restart the Backup and Sync App

  1. On bottom right corner of Desktop, Find & Click Backup & Sync icon.
  2. Click on the three vertical dots icon and then on Quit Backup and Sync.
  3. Relaunch the Backup and Sync to avoid Google Drive does not sync properly issue.

Completion of Syncing will take some time after restarting.

2. Uninstall Backup & Sync & Reinstall it to overcome Google Drive App Won’t Sync

  1. Uninstall Backup & Sync
  2. Download Backup & Sync installer
  3. Select the files that needs to synced and then start the syncing

It can take some time for the completion of sync after the reinstallation

3. Disconnect and reconnect Google Drive account

  1. From bottom right corner, click on Backup & Sync icon
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots and then on preference
  3. Click on Settings from the left pane of the window that appears
  4. Click on Disconnect account
  5. Again configure the Backup & Sync and this time choose a different location to sync

4. Restart the Computer to overcome Google Drive does not Sync All Folders

5. Quit Backup & Sync to Overcome Google Drive App Not Syncing Issue

  1. Click on Backup & sync from bottom right corner of screen and then on Quit Backup & Sync
  2. Go to File Explorer and move the Google Drive folder to a new location after renaming it
  3. Go to Start >> All programs >> Find Backup & Sync
  4. If a warning appear saying, it can’t find the folder, then choose the Error – Google Drive folder is missing
  5. Locate the new Google Drive folder again

6. Rename Backup & Sync to avoid Google Drive App Doesn’t Sync Error

Locate “googledrivesync.exe” file from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Drive\” and rename it. Run the exe again & it may work.

7. Overcome Google Drive App not syncing all files by Switching proxy settings

Switch proxy settings to “Direct connection” from “Automatically detect” & change location of Google Drive folder to “C:\Google Drive”.

Wrapping Up

Backup & Sync is the desktop version of Google Drive which sync all the G Drive data to local and vice versa. This helps the users to work on files when Offline. But there are several cases in which users encounter issues like Google Drive app doesn’t sync, Google Drive does not sync all folders & files, etc. In order to sync G Suite Drive files to computer, you can use any third party tool like SysTools Google Apps Backup.

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