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How colors affect your zodiac?




In this post, best astrologer India will explain color astrology and how it affects your zodiac. The color advised in the vedic astrology for every day is different and you can follow it to get maximum positive results. Which color you wear on any day can make a difference because colors affect zodiacs and you should know about it.

Let’s start with the colors for each day-

  • Sunday – Sunday is the day of Sun. Sun is the signifactor of ego, soul, empathy, glory, health, energy, king, father, medical science, politics, honor, and bravery. This is why, you should wear bright yellow, light red, and orange color clothes to have all these blessings.
  • Monday – Monday is for moon. It signifies interest, respect, happiness, mother, sleep, wealth, power, travels, and water. You should wear light blue, white, silver, and related colors on this day.
  • Tuesday – Tuesday has a ruling planet – Mars. Mars signifies power, courage, competition, bravery, land, movable property and younger brother. Wearing orange or red will be beneficial.
  • Wednesday- Wednesday is for Mercury that signifies intelligence, logical reasoning, eloquent, business, studies, examination, precious stones, friends and maternal uncle. It also signifies that an individual can be related to politics indirectly. You should wear green on Wednesday.
  • Thursday- It’s ruling plant is Jupiter. The planet Jupiter signifies intelligence, wisdom, teaching, muscular body, elder brother, pious place, mentor, bank, wealth, and son. You should wear yellow on Thursday.
  • Friday – Venus is the ruling planet that signifies marriage, spouse, sex, love relationships, poetry, music, perfume, luxury, beauty, jewelry, vehicle, home décor, and other things related with happiness. You should wear pink, off white, and white clothes on Friday.
  • Saturday – the ruling planet of Saturday is Saturn. This planet signifies age, death crisis, disease, poverty, insult, foreign language, agricultural business, robbery, greed, disability, rudeness, joint pain, air. People meet accidents and got jailed due to Saturn. By wearing black and navy blue color on Saturday can protect you from Saturn effect.

You will find more description in regards of colors in religious books. When you start wearing the colors according to the days, you will feel the clear effects of colors on your life. You will surrounded by positive energy. These details are shared by best astrologer India. If you have any question regarding colors and zodiac signs, ask in comments. We suggest not to repeat the comments in the below section.

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