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How Company’s Size Will Affect Your SEO Strategy | Local SEO Tips



SEO strategy is used by a company to enhance its visibility and online strength.  There are various factors that impact the SEO strategies followed by a particular company. This includes the size of the company, industry, strategy followed by competitors etc.Every business has certain goals and objectives in sight. They hire a good SEO company in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi or any other place to devise a strategy for keeping these goals and objectives in mind.

The size of a company matters when implementing SEO strategies because the goals, competition, challenges, scope and budget are dependent on it. Large companies need highly competent SEO strategies so that they can compete with their rivals, whereas start-up companies can focus on local SEO and building online public relations. There is no common solution for SEO in the digital world and the strategies are custom-based depending on the goals and objectives of the companies.

Small-Sized Companies

Small businesses can’t really take a chance to make a dent in the search engine rankings unless they hire a professional SEO company in Bangalore, Mumbai or any other city. Often, they work on a very tight budget and hence they devise their own online marketing strategies. They do this to save money, but it is not a wise decision. They should, in fact, hire a professional who knows what exactly is required after understanding your goals. Generally, for a small business, it is better to focus on one or two areas and make them work rather than expanding in all directions.

The strategy for those small businesses that have an only online presence is different from those that have both online as well as offline presence. For the latter, investing in local SEO strategies work better if their sole aim is to drive more traffic to their brick and mortar store. The SEO agency they hire focuses more on getting them listed and making them visible in Google Local and also on third-party review sites like Yelp.

If they have an only online presence, then the strategy followed is completely different. The agency they have hired will then work on benefiting the business by implementing AdWords campaigns, undertaking social media marketing, publishing good quality content, backlinking etc.

Medium-Sized Companies

Such companies are still on a tight leash. They hire digital marketing companies in Mumbai, Delhi or in other places to race against their competitors. For such companies, technical SEO gains importance. The SEO agency starts by doing a comprehensive audit of the website using the various tools available and then devises their strategy. Social media marketing and backlinking still occupy a prominent position in their strategy. They also require a dedicated person to handle their social media messaging, editorial calendars etc. If the company is in expansion mode, then they also start to devise their long-term strategic plans.

Large-Sized Companies

Large-sized companies fall under B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) categories. These companies are more focused on maintaining their brand image and reputation. The SEO strategy devised for them depends on whether the company is B2B or B2C.

For B2B companies, the focus in more on technical SEO, content marketing and using social media to push out their content. Companies conducting business with consumers are the ones that spend the most when it comes to SEO as they need to lure new customers and at the same time maintain their existing customer base. The field is highly competitive and consumers take no time in switching to a competitor if they find it better in any respect. The hired SEO agency and digital marketing companies in Mumbai, Bangalore or anywhere else takes care on multiple fronts, including making and implementing strategies, protecting and managing the brand and reputation, prompt social media responses, PR, and monitoring all the content that is published.

When it comes to SEO strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It varies with the size and aim of the business. However, the ultimate goal of these SEO strategies is to increase the sales and ROI.

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