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How Does IVR System Help In Delivering An Astounding Customer Service?



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Do you know which aspect helps the companies in earning customer’s trust? The answer is ‘Customer Service’. For the same reason, BPO firms come into the consideration as they never hold anything back when it comes to assisting the customers.

With the time, the significance of IVR (interactive voice response) system has been increased more than ever. An IVR system assists the customers during the interaction with the help of pre-recorded audio.

With the help of IVR system, customers can get their hands on the desired information without making contact with a live agent. Furthermore, this system also helps the customers in getting redirected to the right department to get the solution of intricate issues.

Are you wondering how an IVR system helps in delivering an astounding customers service? Have a look at the following points:

Save customer’s precious time

Sometimes customers get irked when they are supposed to listen to all the menu options to get the desired resolutions. This factor indirectly leads to customer attrition rate. On the other hand, IVR system allows customers to skip the options that aren’t related to their queries.

Additionally, this system reduces the rate of dropped calls and that leads to a better productivity. An impressive fact is that almost every call centre India, UK, USA, etc. offers ‘Call-back’ option so that customers don’t have to face the hassle of high wait time.

Empower agents

Don’t be surprised because IVR system really empowers the agents to deliver their best. Well, the main reason behind that is IVR system always redirects customers to agents who have all the required knowledge, experience to deal with the issues.

Moreover, every call centre India, UK, USA, etc. always ensure that agents get job responsibilities according to their skills so that nothing leads to hassle during the customer interaction. This not only boosts the agent’s confidence level but also increases the customer experience.

Help in saving costs

Do you know which aspect makes the IVR system more demanding? The answer is ‘Reduction of Expenses’. The primary reason behind that is the IVR system, which cuts the need for an intermediary customer support agent who is usually required to route the calls to the right agent.

On the other hand, uninstalling an IVR system not only increases the overall cost but also raises the chances of human error.  Therefore, IVR system is deemed as a cost-effective way to achieve high ROI as it improves operational efficiency and agent’s productivity.

High first call resolution (FCR)

An IVR system always ensures that customers get redirected to the most capable agent owing to its intelligent routing features. When customer’s queries end up at the right department, there is a high possibility of quick resolutions, which leads to a less waiting time and high CSAT score.

Needless to say, if customer’s queries get solved in the first attempt, this aspect will automatically increase the brand’s value. That’s why most of the call centres don’t hesitate in investing in the IVR system.

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