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How to Become a Successful Salesforce Developer



You must be asking this question from your friends working in IT or call companies providing IT training that what are the essentials for becoming a Salesforce Developer. Your friend’s suggestion must be confusing which let you research on your own. First of all, there is no firm rule to learn Salesforce development; you need not be from a programming background to become a developer. You need not know all the concepts of OOPs concept of JAVA. However, these are some of the recommended skills which are just suggestions to have before getting started with SFDC Development. These should not be confused with the prerequisites.

You know why people confuse them with prerequisites is because of the two reasons. Salesforce Development is done on OOPs oriented concept like Apex language which is very similar to JAVA and secondly, Visualforce pages are created by using HTML tags. It would be really nice to learn HTML, CSS, and JAVA Script along the way. But, Salesforce is not only coding there are many other aspects like formula fields, validation rules etc. Therefore, if you have a programming background then you can easily learn APEX and Visualforce. Your transition will be smooth, but now let’s explore what are the other ways to start your journey as a Salesforce Developer.

Here are some of the tried and tested tips on how to learn Salesforce Development:

  1. You can start by reading the basics of Salesforce with the help of Trailhead beginner consisting of modules and projects like Developer Beginner trail, Data Modeling, Lightning Experience Customization, Salesforce Business Analyst.
  2. The second step is to read the workbook tutorials which consist of short tutorials like tutorial, Apex tutorial, Visualforce tutorial, Integration tutorial and many more.
  3. After learning the basics of Salesforce you can read the developer’s documentation and developer guides like Apex developer guide and Business Analyst guide.
  4. Get some basic knowledge of the fundamental aspects of Salesforce like objects (data tables), record types, workflows, validation rules and visual Flow.
  5. Sign up for a free 10MB developer org which will help you to play around with the app (Salesforce Developer) and get an understanding of how the features work.
  6. Join a community like a user group or network where Salesforce developers post their problem areas and get solved by the fellow members. This way is very effective for beginners and experienced Salesforce developers.
  7. Enroll yourself into an online Salesforce training Company. You should keep these below points before finalizing the course: –
  • Training provider should be a Certified Salesforce Partners for the authenticity.
  • The Instructor should be an experienced Developer himself.
  • The syllabus should include all the core areas of Salesforce development.
  • The classes should focus on real- time scenarios with doubt and practice sessions.
  • Lastly, they should guide you for the 401 Developer certification to build yourself a strong job profile.

Become strong headed to train yourself as a Salesforce developer without any thoughts of quitting.

We would suggest you come without any prenotion, unlearn everything that you know.  It becomes very difficult for hardcore Coders who know JAVA to adapt to the Salesforce platform. Salesforce has its own rules, functions and techniques which will be very fresh when you learn with sharp logical and analytical skills.

After the completion of your Salesforce Developer course, you will become the part of the No. 1 CRM System. This industry is growing at 25% a year which is 8 times faster than the total IT market. You have the potential of earning 6% more than your current wage. The job opportunities are unlimited because every Industry is investing in CRM solutions and Salesforce is the answer. So, there is a massive growth of job requirements with each passing day.

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