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How to Enable Highlighting on PDF Files?



how to enable highlighting on pdf

Are you finding a solution for how to enable highlighting on PDF files? Are the things getting difficult and complicated to highlight PDF text? Don’t worry here, we are providing simple solutions for it.

Adobe PDF files are widely used for sharing documents across platforms because they provide many advantages over other formatting options. This file can be easily highlighted when users find any important note or point. With the highlighting feature, we can organize our notes and easily find important information inside a lengthy PDF document. It has been found that a lot of people highlight the part of PDF file in order to emphasize the importance or to draw the attention to the most essential parts. But, along with this, there are some other people also who are unable to highlight text in PDF files. Let’s understand it more clearly by user query:

User Queries

“I am using portable documents of journal papers on a large scale. But, a few days back I had encountered a problem that some journals are locked. Moreover, when I tried to highlight some important sections I have found that highlighting tool is not working. Can anyone tell me how to enable highlighting on PDF? All leads shall be appreciated.”

“Hi folks, is there any way to highlight text in PDF files? Yesterday, I was reading some manual reports and found some important points but, when I tried to highlight some text the PDF highlight tool is greyed out. It does not allow me to do such operations. Does anyone know how to enable highlighting on PDF? Please suggest any!!”

Why Users are Unable to Highlight Text in PDF?

One of the main reason due to users can’t highlight text in PDF file is because of the security. When files are protected either with password or permissions then, operations like copy, edit, comment, etc cannot be performed. Therefore, it is necessary to remove security from PDF files. Also, to check whether the file is secured or not follow these simple steps:

  • Open a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Then, choose “Document” option in the top menu bar
  • Select the “Security” option and “Show Security Properties” from the drop-down menu
  • Then, read the “Document Restrictions Summary”
  • Check if”Commenting: Allowed” then you can easily add the comment and highlight text otherwise if Commenting: Not Allowed then, highlighting is not possible

How to Enable Highlighting on PDF Files Professionally?

If users can’t highlight text in PDF then they can use PDF Restriction Remover tool. With this third-party tool can easily enable highlighting in PDF files. It is a simple and reliable application to remove restrictions from PDF files. Moreover, any copy, print, edit, extract, comment or document assembly restrictions are removed by the software. If the file is secured with user-level password security and unable to highlight text in PDF, then tool removes user-level security also. The application supports both Windows as well Mac Operating systems. Moreover, there is no limitation on the number of PDF files to be unprotected the tool supports the unlocking of multiple PDF files.

Steps to Enable Highlight Tool in PDF

To know how to enable highlighting on PDF follow these simple steps:

  • Install and run PDF Restriction Remover tool
  • Click on the Unlock button
  • Then, hit the Browse button & choose PDF file
  • View permissions associated with PDF
  • Click on the Browse button & select the destination location to save the resultant PDF
  • Proceed further by clicking Unlock PDF button
  • If the file is user level password protected then enter it
  • Now, a pop up displays the completion of the process and click OK button
  • Lastly, view permissions in Before & After column


Comments on PDF files can be added in the form of highlighted text or sticky notes. When the user clicks the highlighted text, the corresponding comment regarding the text is displayed. Basically, highlighting is a handy feature for reference work. For example, if are reviewing someone’s work then, highlighting helps them pick out important points for correction. But, at times due to security users are unable to highlight text in PDF file. Therefore, in this blog, we have provided a simple technique which helps users to know how to enable highlighting on PDF.

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