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How to Import Google Calendar to Outlook 365?



Import Google Calendar to Outlook 365

Now a days, it is trend for organization level users to switch from G Suite to Outlook 365. This is mainly done due to the ease to work with Office Suite of applications. When users are switching from one service to another, it is necessary to export the data from the old to new one. In this case, data should be transferred from G Suite to Outlook 365. The main manual method used for the migration of G Suite data is IMAP migration. But the main disadvantage of this method is that, it allows to migrate only email data. i.e, contacts and calendar data cannot be migrated using this method. So we have to find another solution to move the contacts and calendar data to o365 account. So this article revolves around the manual and automated solutions to importing Google Apps calendar to Office 365.

User Query: I am working as the System Admin in an organization. We were using Google Apps service for the past two years. Due to some internal decisions, we decided to switch from G Suite to O365 service. And for doing this, all the data related to organization that are residing in G Suite have to be migrated to O365. We won’t be able to face any kind of data loss as all the data are confidential. Can anyone suggest an efficient solution for this?

Export Google Calendar to Outlook 365 Manually

Performing migration of Google Apps Calendar to O365 involves 2 steps.
1. Export G Suite Calendar in .ics format
2. Import ics Calendar to Office 365

Step 1: Export Google Apps Calendar in .ics format

1. Open G Suite account and click the Apps menu. Choose Calendar from the available options
2. Google Calendar will be opened on the screen. Now from the left pane, click on My Calendars and then from the drop down, choose settings option.
3. From the Calendar settings window, Click in the Export Calendars option.The Calendars will be downloaded in .ics format.

Step 2: Import ICS File to Office 365

1. Login to the destination O365 account. Click on Calendar Option and then on Add Calendar
2. From the drop down list, select ‘From file’ option
3. Browse the G Suite calendar .ics file and then click on save button
4. From the left pane of the window, view the G Suite Calendar

Limitations of Manual Method to Export Google Calendar to Outlook 365

  • Applicable only for Calendars
  • Lengthy Process
  • Time consuming
  • Prone to Data Loss

Expert Solution to Import Google Calendar into Outlook 365

To overcome limitations of manual method, one can go for any efficient third party solution. Of all the tools available in the digital arena, the most effective tool is SysTools Google Apps to Office 365 migrator. It allows the users to migrate emails, contacts, calendars, etc. to Outlook 365 account without any hassle.

Wrapping Up:

In the article we discussed about the ways to import Google Calendar to Outlook 365. The methods include downloading .ics file from G Suite & then importing it to Outlook 365 and directly migrating the calendar from G Suite to O365 using SysTools Google Apps to Office 365 migrator.

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