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Since the web competition is getting so tough, everyone’s already using Facebook and other social media platforms for advertising. Prices are increasing day by day. So how is anyone going stand out when even your relatives are already on Facebook? I’m gonna share with you how you can stand out from the crowd. (Upbeat, electronic music)

#1’st Tip:-


So the first tip I have for you is accelerating the new innovative channels out there. As we know Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are already an on platforms. But to remain new and active these social sites continuously innovate themselves. So Facebook trying to be YouTube. Hence Facebook gives more preference to videos.

It’s their way of showing live telecast, just like YouTube. You know on YouTube celebrities like the Jake Paul or Logan Paul and many others are doing videos and movies on YouTube. But these guys are creating little mini-shows or reality shows, kind of like keeping them active on YouTube.

Facebook, they want to slice of that action. So what do they do? They made it so that way if you publish stuff which is already on YouTube they will give you ton of views instantly on Facebook. That’s because they want you to spread your video all over the Facebook. That’s innovative, right? And they’re doing that through Facebook Watch. So make sure you look for all the innovative channels out there and grab them. It doesn’t have to be new platforms; it could just be new features that these guys are pushing out every single day.

#2nd Tip:-


The second thing that I have for you is transparent. See, the thing with marketing is that whatever you do will be seen by everyone for what it really is.

You know what? When you see these kinds of things, you see right through them and other people are too on YouTube or Facebook or whatever social network it is out there. So when you’re doing your marketing, I’m not saying you shouldn’t use fancy cars or you shouldn’t use homes or you shouldn’t be too technical.

Whatever you want to do, will be done by you only. But be transparent. Lying people that they’re gonna get results, it’s just gonna make people hate you. And that’s the thing about marketing if you look at sites like smart passive income and that’s run by a guy named Pat Flynn and I’ve known him for years.  Ex like, “Oh, cool, you’re showing all of your amazing moments “and all your shitty moments.” And if it won’t because I have already tested these types of things on different blogs like Neil Patel once, I used to have it where I would show you from my journey all the way from going from zero to a hundred thousand visitors a month.

And then from there, I shared my journey from a hundred thousand visitors a month all the way to a million visitors a month. Right? I was being transparent from making more visitors to losing visitors and I also did the same thing with my other site, Nutrition Seekers, which I no longer own. And I shared my journey from going from zero to a hundred thousand dollars per month in a year, and people loved it. Some months were amazing and I learned a lot and I was crushing it and other months I was failing and I was losing some money, right? But sharing all this made people is like, “Oh my God this is amazing.

“Thank you for sharing, I’m gonna try and replicate “the same success.”

#3rd Tip:-


The third tip I have for you is to use videos. Since you know I have been making videos, attending conferences, events and what people are saying about me everyone knows that very well like Neil, your content is amazing. I’m like, “Great you love my content.” Which was my last content you liked?” Because I’m just trying to get feedback because this will help me to improve myself. Everyone’s shares their views regarding my content. Because of that, it helps me to get connected with others which create a special connection with them. Sure, there are lots of comments on my videos but I also do that on my blog comments. But on the same side, my blog is not getting that much of comments that’s because everyone loves videos as it is the fastest way to connect with others. So make Videos Guys.  Hence to learn more about social media join Digital Marketing Institute Rohini, as it is one of the best institutes to learn   It’s not about text-based content these days, it’s not about audio-based content, and it’s all about videos. And you know the devices that you have, like the iPhone, that’s what’s making videos so popular. The last marketing tip I have for you is to be a long-term thinker.



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