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Ideas To Prepare Your Garden On Summer Nights



Spring has begun to give us warm days and that is when we remember that we have to plan how to take advantage of our garden or terrace during the summer season. We want to give you the best tips to have your terrace and / or garden ready to receive the summer as it deserves.

However, all this requires a specific implementation to enjoy the corners properly conditioned: the installation of wooden pergolas that shade us and protect from rain, a comfortable and decorative Balinese bed that will give us an exclusive touch and chill-out or some armchairs under the wooden pergola, flowers, etc. The plants are, without doubt, the soul of our special corner. There is no terrace or garden without them, there is nothing more magical than its fragrance.

Create a magical atmosphere in your garden

To spend an unforgettable and refreshing night outdoors, which is what it is about in summer, outdoor lighting is needed. The lights are no longer just an exterior lighting, they are a decorative and sophisticated element that embellish your space. Good lighting accompanied by flowers, shrubs and trees will make your garden paradise.

Are you looking to create a comfortable and luxurious avant-garde atmosphere? You need minimalism and tradition in equal parts. LED lamps are also very modern because they consume less energy than other sources of light and take better advantage of the luminous flux, reducing light pollution. If you have a pool in your garden, an innovative idea is the interior water spotlights that will create a dreamy atmosphere in your garden.

We recommend a natural exterior decoration with small details. Candles, pictures and pots are elements that will help us create an environment with its own style, colorful and fresh. Remember, choosing furniture that is resistant to the sun, its exposure during the day could damage it. Undoubtedly, the best shade option for the terrace is to have vegetation that covers it.

It is ideal to have a shadow corner for the hottest days. You have not installed your Smart Home system yet? With motorized blinds you can merge your home and garden and turn your living room into a patio in two seconds. The heat of summer can be very intense and although sunbathing is a pleasant practice, during those hours where the heat tightens, a covered area that allows to isolate the sun and heat is undoubtedly a good one.

Music and TV that will give the touch of exclusivity to your garden

Lighting is an important factor in Smart Home. In addition to being a companion for leisure moments, such as parties or appreciate a good outdoor movie under the stars.

Remember that having an outdoor TV and a good multiform sound system will give the touch of exclusivity for your celebrations, dinners and moments of relaxation.

Simple and intelligent solutions.

Today we have access to a Smart Home lighting system that is controlled through a computer or with remote control from a smartphone or tablet, making your family life easier, intuitive and simple. It is possible to create different lighting scenes with a single touch and control several rooms together. Imagine the comfort and energy savings of having the garden or terrace illuminated efficiently by installing motion sensors or a timer so that when you are not there, do not waste money. You can also decorate your best pergolas to give extra appeal for summer nights too.

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