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Import Multiple VCF Files to Thunderbird: Quickly



import multiple VCF files to Thunderbird

There are new tips and tricks to perform simple manoeuver. These are basic steps that can be performed to make a difficult task easier. The important thing to consider is that instructions are followed correctly to avoid data loss. There is a technique to import multiple VCF files to Thunderbird. These are definitely worth exploring and getting to know. This post contains all the necessary information regarding the same. It can be used by professionals who need to move contacts. It can be from mobile phones, Gmail service or another client to Mozilla desktop client. Read carefully and repeat after fully understanding the involved concepts.

‘I have a technical problem with my system. I have some contacts from my Android phone that I want to move to my desktop PC. I am not sure how to follow the steps to import multiple vCards into Thunderbird. I am not a very technical person and I am not sure how to proceed. Could you help me with this issue?’

Let’s take a look at the process to import multiple VCF files to Thunderbird.

Helpful Tip: If users want to import vCard to Outlook, they can go for vCard Importer Tool .

Steps to Import Multiple VCF Files to Thunderbird

Following are the instructions to upload the vCard file directly into the Mozilla desktop client:

1. First, download the MoreFunctionsForAddressBook plug-in from the internet. It is an add-on that can be used to upload multi vCard file.
2. Then, install the application and launch the Thunderbird client. This will help to Thunderbird import multiple VCF files.
3. From the ‘Adds-on Manager’ page, click on the gear icon for Settings and select the option to ‘Install Add-on from File’.
4. Then, click on the Browse button to upload the ‘morefunctionsforAB-TB3-’ file. This will be saved on the local machine.
5. Then, highlight it once to select it and click on the Open button.
6. Then, click on the Install Now button to configure the ‘MoreFunctionsForAddressBook’ add-on. This will help with the option to import multiple vCards into Thunderbird.
7. Now, click on the Restart Now button to start the application again.
8. Then, click on Address Book icon in order to open Thunderbird Address Book.
9. Then, go to Tools>>MoreFunctionsForAddressBook>>Action for Contacts>>Import vCard/VCF.
10. Then, go to the folder path where the .vcf files are saved.
11. Then, select multiple files by clicking Ctrl+A key and click on the Open button.
12. Finally, click on the personal address book in Thunderbird to view all the .vcf files placed there.


The transfer steps can be tricky or confusing for some individuals. It can all be jargon for some naive user who simply wants to move contact information. There are basic measures to import multiple VCF files to Thunderbird in few simple steps. These are simple endeavors which can be useful for any company or business. These are solutions which can help an administrator or help desk executive in an Office. These are basic techniques that can be quite useful and informative. There is even a simple workaround suggested which can make the task easier.

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