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Import PST Files to Office 365 using a Straightforward & Hassle Free Method



Outlook is one of the most common email application provided by Microsoft Corporation which stores its data in PST file format. Microsoft also has developed a group of subscriptions for software and services known as Office 365. Now let us discover more about Office 365.

Office 365 as we discussed before is a group of subscriptions which provides different plans for different users. The users can opt for any plan according to their requirements. For instance, it provides consumers all Microsoft Office apps, storage space on One Drive & 60 Skype minutes per month. After which the users need to renew their subscription. The major advantage of Office 365 is that all its data is stored in the cloud thus, a user can access his data from any location.

Why Import PST Files in Office 365?

As Office 365 stores all its data in the cloud, therefore it is easier for organisations to migrate PST files to Office 365 and take up its plans rather than creating the whole setup.

How to Move PST files to Online Exchange?

All the members who are connected to Office 365 have a complete record of changes happening in their respective areas. Thus the cloud facility provides a complete updated record of data. Let’s have a look at the possible ways by which user can import PST files to Exchange Online.

  • Using some manual method.
  • Using a PST to Office 365 migration tool.

Free Manual Method to Upload PST to Office 365

The manual to import PST to Office 365 is not an easy task. It involves many technical steps for which the user should have basic technical knowledge. There are two methods by which migration of PST files to Office 365 is done.

  • Network Upload.
  • Drive Shipping.

NOTE: These methods are given by Microsoft Corporation itself. Even though the methods are given by Microsoft, they aswell recommend opting an automated tool which specifically works to import PST files to Office 365.

Reasons Not to Choose Manual Methods

  • There are technical steps involved in this method.
  • Takes a lot of time.
  • Chances of data loss.
  • A necessity to have the technical knowledge to execute the steps.

Why Choose an Automated Solution to Import PST to Office 365?

A PST to Office 365 Migrator would simplify this task to a great extent. The user will no longer have to execute difficult steps in order to upload its PST files to Exchange Online.

PST to Office 365 Migrator: A Well-Suited Solution

The PST to Office 365 Migration Tool provides many facilities which make it an optimal solution to upload PST files to Office 365. Just a few clicks would lead to import PST files to Office 365.
Some of which are mentioned here.

Advantages of Opting a PST to Office 365 Migrator

  • Simplified steps to migrate PST files to Office 365.
  • No need to deal with technicalities.
  • Assurance of no data loss.
  • Facility for selective or bulk migration.
  • Provides date filter option.
  • No PST file size restriction.


The major reason to import PST files to Office 365 is to make the PST data available to its users from anywhere. Now it is completely the user’s choice which option to choose, but the manual options come with its consequences. Therefore for opting it, the user should be technically sound. The easy way out to it is to use a PST to Office 365 Migrator. Now, the ball lies in your court to choose options according to your preferences.

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