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International Standard Avenues / Monuments of Bahria Town




One of the biggest assets that Pakistan has is the beautiful and brilliantly architected Bahria Town Karachi. Its a complete project that the country is blessed with. From amazingly built residential and commercial plots to unmatched striking attractions, this small city within different cities of Pakistan is the ultimate destination that every Pakistani wishes to reside in. It is full of amazing sights that have all the potential to make the spectators lose their breaths. There are so many international avenues that have been copied in the Bahria Town so that the local citizens can enjoy and experience the same adventure and thrills that these avenues bring to their tourists abroad. Now with Bahria Town, Pakistan has its own Trafalgar Square, Bahria Sports City Villa,Dancing Fountains, a gigantic Football Ground Eiffel Tower, Bahria Town Safari Villas,and many more.


The management of this mega project has announced to bring a lot of other similar attractive and exciting sights to the show. Some of the brilliant attractions that Bahria Town features throughout different cities are listed below

Eiffel Tower in Bahria Lahore

Nestled in Bahria Town Lahore, this beautiful monument is the heart of Bahria Town. This avenue standing tall in Bahria Lahore is one of the main attractions of the city and has become a place that is must visit when sometime sets thier feet on the soil of the city of Lahore. Bahria Town being the brand that it is, wants to make sure that the residents of its viccinity do not only enjoy the perks of comfort and luxury but also experience International level adventure.

Bahria Golf City in Bahria Islamabad

Bahria Golf City is a combination of a top notch hill resort and an International standard golf course. This over the top and exquisitely breathtaking part of Bahria Town in located in Bahria Islamabad. Life at Bahria Town is all about experiencing the adventures of a vacation everyday from the confines of your own neighborhood. This giant golf city is equipped with innumerable unique amenities and facilities.

It features a gigantic meeting space, a number of restaurants and bars, a high tech gyming area, spa, swimming pools and alot of other facilities.

Pyramids in Bahria Lahore

A special enclave in Bahria Town Lahore has been used up for representation of the beautiful and patterned Egyptian Culture. The Pyramids in Bahria Lahore are located right at the grand entrance so that people can have a great time right at the entrance. They are located at the main roundabouts of the enclave. Other than these two parks are based on the Egyptian and Cambodian theme have been planned. The wall and the main entrance gate has been crafted with the old Egyptian letters.

Trafalgar Square in Lahore:

Another monument in Lahore’s Bahria Town which has people speaking about it all across the country is the Trafalgar Square. This particular avenue is the replica of the iconic Trafalgar Square in London, Uk.


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