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Islamic wall art for sale is available in a large range of materials, colours and sizes, and is often customised according to the wishes of a client. A primary factor for the many new experimentations in Islamic wall art is the everchanging ecommerce market. At the touch of your screen, you can buy Islamic wall art from any place in the world, in any size or colour or material you wish.

We looked up Islamic wall art for sale across different online stores and found the below-mentioned categories to be the most popular for those looking to buy Islamic wall art.

  • Wall decals

These low-cost decals are basically vinyl stickers and are the most visible items in Islamic wall art for sale across ecommerce platforms. Islamic wall stickers have no need of framing or drilling a nail into the wall. The vinyl sticker, as the name itself suggests, only has to be “stuck” to the wall.

The vinyl decals are sticky on the end that has to be stuck to the surface of the wall. On the other end is a verse from the Holy Quran transcribed in an artistic style. Those looking to buy Islamic wall art will be amazed by the sheer variety of decals being sold online. What’s more, they come in large sized and cost less as well.

One must clean the wall well before pasting the self-adhesive, water-proof sticker, or else it would stick to the dirt or oil on the surface.

  • Coloured digital prints

If you like bright, colourful paintings but find them way outside your budget, then you must go for coloured digital prints. One option is to go for giclée prints of original Islamic paintings, or prints of black-and-white handwritten calligraphy that has been digitally coloured. This is how the latter is done: An artist writes the verses with a traditional calligraphy pen in black ink on a white sheet of paper. This sheet is then digitally coloured and even enhanced with with geometric designs, stars, crescents, borders and other decorative motifs.

This digital image can then be printed in any size on canvas or paper or even leather. A canvas print, like a painting, is mounted over an internal wooden frame, but doesn’t need to be covered by glass for protection. A paper print, either gloss or matte, doesn’t have to be mounted over an internal wooden frame, but needs to be covered by glass for protection.

  • Steel frames

If you like 3D art, then you would likely be impressed by stainless steel frames, a new innovation in Islamic wall art for sale. A stainless steel frame, cut to the size and the shape of the text with the aid of a machine, has a grand, majestic look, especially if it is lit with a light source placed behind it. These are more expensive than other forms of Islamic wall art.


It is quite obvious from above that as more and more people log in to online market forums to buy Islamic wall art, the world of Islamic wall art for sale is set to grow and diversify and with possible new innovations to watch out for.


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