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Solution to Get Back All of Your Corrupt OST File Data Within Minutes


Microsoft Exchange Server while working with the MS Outlook by activating the Cached Exchange mode, creates an OST file containing the emails, calendars, tasks etc in the local MS Outlook storage location. These files are the exact image of the Exchange Server profile file/folders. The full form of the OST file is the Offline Storage Table and these files work as the backend of the Exchange Server.

What is The Advantage of Having OST File in Outlook?

The advantage is numerous, but the best anyone can say that you will be able to access your emails residing inside the OST file offline. Yes, this the best usage of the OST file. You can change, manipulate, update your OST file according to the need. Whatever the changes made in the local, the next time Server connects through the cached exchange mode, both the files synchronized and again becomes the exact mirror image.

What Do You Mean By Corrupted OST?

Even if the advantage of having an OST file is diverse, the main drawback of this is that the OST files corrupted easily and by corrupted means, the file becomes no longer available for further usage in both the clients: desktop client(MS Outlook) as well as in the Exchange Server. If that happens, then you will no longer be able to access your data from the OST file and that hurts, right?

What? How the OST File Gets Corrupted?

  1. If by any means you deleted any file or folder from the Exchange Server profile by unknowingly, then it’s no surprise that your corresponding OST file is corrupted.

  2. Virus attack could play the key role in the corruption of your OST file. Why not keep your system safe? Always use updated Antivirus and set an unbreakable Firewall.

  3. Use a reliable internet connection. A drop of a connection in between the synchronization phase may corrupt the OST file badly that it may not be used again.

  4. Exchange Server maintains the functionality by updating and maintaining time to time. Be aware of the update time and do not try to access the server while in the maintenance procedure.

  5. A software failure may also weaken the strength of your OST file and then corrupt it.

  6. Always shutdown MS Outlook and the Exchange server properly. Unexpected shutdown sometimes corrupts the OST file.

Okay, I’ll Remember the Points, But What Now?

As your OST file is already corrupted, then I’m sorry to say that this file is now obsolete to use or to continue. Yes, you’re reading it right. Once a corruption happens, there’s no going back. But hey! there’s always a good news. You can bring back or recover your deleted emails from the corrupt OST file and use them in the offline forever. That sound reasonable, right? To recover your OST data, you first need to convert the OST file to a PST file. Then you can easily import that file into the Outlook and access flawlessly.

PST File? What is it?

The PST file is the same as OST file but unlike OST file they actually reside on the local machine and can be accessed offline. The full name of the PST file is Personal Storage Table. This file contains the emails, calendars, contacts etc and works as the frontend files. PST files are portable to carry and require less maintenance.

Why PST? Isn’t There Any Other Format?

Yes, besides PST, there is also other formats available like MSG, EML etc. But the widely used and globally accepted file format is PST. Let point out the reason:

1-Well, it’s globally adopted email backup file format and Outlook loves it 

2-A lot easier to maintenance, unlike OST file.

3-Portable and always accessible offline.

4-They are unaware of any server and works in the frontend.

5-Developed by Microsoft co. so you can obviously trust the foundation.

6-And lastly, happily supported by the MS Outlook.

Great! How Do I Convert OST to PST then?

Now here comes the actual understanding. To change ost to pst, there is a lot of software available in the market and as always not all of them are even close to meet expectation. When it comes to the Microsoft, they will always ask you to use the lightweight software that comes with the Outlook namely scanpst.exe. But make no mistake, they are only as good as your OST file is, if your file is heavily corrupt, then it won’t be able to recover the data.

Then it comes to the manual method. Yes, manual methods are also there and they are also as good as your file. And also, the manual methods has their own limitations. Why methods? because there are three manual methods you can try, Export, Archive, and move to a PST file. I’m not going to describe the manual methods here today, as I’m going to tell you the name of a great tool that will surprise you with the performance when it comes to the recover, convert or restore OST files.

The OST Recovery Software :

As the name suggests, the software will convert and recover each and every data from the corrupt OST file. Here is the list of awesome features that the software offers:

If you use other desktop email clients, then the software will also convert the OST file to MSG, EML etc.

  • Deleted emails from the OST file can also be achieved while using the software. Yes, my friend, that’s right.

  • Dual scanning mode available for the extraction of the OST file. Quick for less corrupted files and Advanced for the highly corrupted files.

  • After scanning, the software will produce a structured view, in which you can see all the extracted emails with the attachments.

  • Has a Filter option so that you can filter emails from the bulk as per your niche.

  • After the recovery, you will be amazed that your original folder structure is preserved and you be able to work with the structure you used to.

  • Email metadata like cc, bcc, sent, received etc will be recovered along with the emails.

  • You will get an option to save your PST file with the appropriate naming conventions.

  • Never ask for you to install MS Outlook first. It works as a standalone.

Where Do You Download the Software?

Please find the link below. The OST Recovery software is freely available to download and install but with some limited features. Please download the demo version first and do not believe me, if you like the features then purchase the software. The purchase link is also available in the link.

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