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Know Ways To Open VCF File Without Outlook



Open VCF File Without Outlook

Did you ever face the problem to view vCard file when you do not have access to Outlook? Do you have the same question how to open VCF file without Outlook? If yes, then you are in the right place where you can get the exact and appropriate solution to read all your vCard contact files. Yeah, all the contact files which we see in all our digital devices are saved in vCard / VCF file format. VCF is the standard file format which stands for Virtual Contact File. It also is known as vCard which is generally a business contact card in digital form.

There are three versions of the vCard files and they are VCF 2.1, VCF 3.0 and the latest one is VCF 4.0 which is almost supported by devices and platforms. It saves all the details like First Name, Last Name, Contact Number, Email address, Home address, etc., and the most incredible property is, it also saves the image like a contact icon.

A Reliable Way to Open VCF File Without Outlook

As there is no manual solution for this task, users can easily use SysTools vCard Viewer Tool. The tool will help to open VCF File without Outlook from different any platform and devices. The software also has the incredible feature to preview and read single as well as multiple vCard contact files. Below are the some of the unique features of the VCF Viewer Software.

Incredible Features of SysTools vCard Viewer

  • Display Single and Multiple Contact Files

The tool is capable to open single as well as multiple VCF files without Outlook. The users also have the option to preview contact files before saving it.

  • Show Contact File with Images

Use this utility, to see images of the contact file and to open VCF File without Outlook. The tool will show your vCard contact files with all the associated attribute like First Name, Last Name, To, Cc, Bcc, etc.

  • Sort the Contacts

The software allows the user to sort the VCF contact files within the tool itself. You can sort the contact in the desired order which means alphabetically or based on time.

  • Operable on all VCF Platforms

The tool is operable on all the platforms. It can read multiple contact files from all the devices and platforms.

How to Use the Tool

Step 1: First of all, download and install VCF File Viewer on your local machine
Step 2: Then, choose Add File or Add Folder Mode to import multiple .vcf Files into the software to view all contacts inside VCF file
Step 3: Now, browse all VCF files at a time by clicking on the Browse button
Step 4: Finally, you can successfully view VCF file including all details like group contacts, images etc.

The Final Verdict

From the above blog, it is clear that there is no manual solution to open VCF file without Outlook. So, the best way is to use SysTools vCard Viewer Tool. The software will instantly help you to view all the VCF file from every platform and devices.

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