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Pearls , biryani and so much more in the city of Hyderabad



You step into the city and what enchants you, at first sight, is the way it has preserved its rich culture and heritage over so many years. Adapting to the ways of the modern world, the city of Hyderabad holds many a gem for the travelers along with the pearls that have put the city on the world radar. Charting a Hyderabad travel guide is a tough task, for the city is packed with so many attractions that just one trip will never be enough to experience all of them. But let’s make a start, shall we?

What you should see: Feast for the eyes


A magnificent structure that beckons tourists and travelers from far and wide, Charminar’s ethereal beauty is worth a visit, when in Hyderabad. It is both a monument and mosque and is surrounded by a market that has everything from pearls, clothes, and bangles in enticing colors. There are street food stall around this market that serve some authentic Hyderabadi delicacies.

Falaknuma Palace

Once a fort and now one of the top hotels in Hyderabad, Falaknuma Palace is a heritage hotel run by the Tata Group. A place where the interiors showcase the opulence of the era of the Nizams of Hyderabad, it is a work of art and beauty. Made entirely out of Italian white marble, it is made in the European style of architecture. The palace is known for having the world’s largest dining hall.


Golkonda Fort

Everyone knows about the Kohinoor, also known as the Hope and the Regent diamond. But very few know the fact that this iconic diamond was produced at the Golkonda Fort. Made up of several ornate gates, marvelous pavilions, majestic entrances, and artistic domes, the fort also has many stables, halls, mosques, temples, and manicured gardens. And that is not all, for the light and sound show that takes place at the fort when dusk falls, is amazing.



Other places that you must include in your Hyderabad itinerary are Hussain Sagar, Taramati Baradari, Lumbini Park, Nizam’s Museum, Ramoji Film City and Salar Jung Museum.


What you should eat: Feast for the palate


The city makes such delish biryanis that Hyderabadi Biryani is now an integral part of Indian Cuisine and is slowly making its way even to the world food platform. Most restaurants and hotels in Telanganahave a vast array of biryani selection in their menus. Sarvi is one place that serves authentic biryani and at reasonable prices. Jewel of Nizam is another one that serves biryani in style, as the place is one of the fine dining restaurants of Hyderabad. You can satiate your midnight biryani cravings at Grand Hotel and Shah Ghouse which are open from the early morning hours to after midnight.


One of the extremely popular dishes in Hyderabad after Biryani is Haleem, which is even more sought after at the time of Ramzan. Shah Ghouse, Café Bahar, Hotel Shadaab which is very close to the Charminar, Sarvi and Greenpark Hotels are some of the top restaurants for haleem in Hyderabad.


Siddique Kabab Centre, Bawarchi, Paradise Restaurant, Sahin Sindh Sultan, and Shadaab are some of the names you literally need to jot down in your travel and food diary for Hyderabad. Serving sumptuous and melt in the mouth kebabs along with other Telangana dishes, these eateries have been delighting the people of the city for many years now.

What you should buy: Feast for self

Any traveler cannot leave Hyderabad without packing in his travel bags, the results of the shopping extravaganza one can witness in the city. It’s not only the pearls which are a must buy, but there are so many other things as well that you pick up from Hyderabad, and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

Tobacco Bazaar

The name of this market is a tad misleading for it is one of the best fabric markets in Hyderabad, from where you can pick up some gorgeous chiffon, brocade, and poochampally.


Laad Bazaar or Choodi Bazaar

The market is a treasure trove of bangles of all kinds, especially the ones made from lacquer and which gave the market its name. This market has been the pride of the city for more than two centuries and was a favorite of the Nizams as well. It is also the go-to place for pearls, semi-precious stones, silverware and kalamkari paintings. You can even buy some amazing Bidri ware, hand-woven fabric like silk, cotton, brocade, and velvet along with traditional Kharadupattas and gold embroidered fabrics.


Perfume Market

Close to Laad market, is this gem or rather the fragrant gem of Hyderabad, the Perfume Market. Shops here have been doing business for centuries and their ittar is unmatched by even the costliest of perfumes.

Equally worth paying a visit are the markets of Begum Bazaar, Koti Sultan Bazaar, and Nampally.

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