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Piperazine Hexahydrate – Use & Precautions



Piperazine hexahydrate is a commonly used medicine. It was introduced as a solvent for uric acid. It is used to treat infections caused by roundworms and pinworms, such as conditions like ascariasis, enterobiasis,and partial intestinal obstruction. It works by paralysing the worm. It is considered to be a very effective medicine, but should be taken on doctor’s advise.

How to use Piperazine hexahydrate?

One of the advantages of piperazine hexahydrate is that it does not require any special conditions ahead of taking it, such as fasting, eating or any special diet. However, your doctor may still ask you to meet certain conditions before taking it. The doctor advise on the right dosage is also critical. Although extremely effective, it can have serious side-effects if taken in excess. It could be taken in one go or in a carefully placed doses. The dosage is carefully calculated to see that we get the right results without endangering the patient with any negative consequences.

The other important precautionary measure here is for patients who take it for pinworm infections. Pinworm infections are highly contagious because the worm can easily pass from one person to another in the same household. Since piperazine hexahydrate works by expelling it from the body, it raises the chances of the infection spreading. Hence, doctors often ask all members of a household to take the medicine.


As explained above, dosage is the most important consideration. The doctor will also carefully monitor the progress of the treatment, checking of the patient needs a second dose. The side-effects of taking piperazine hexahydrate beyond the prescribed levels can be serious. This can include dizziness,diarrhoea, drowsiness, muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting, and even headache. In some cases it can cause fever, joint pain, rashes and blurring of vision.

In addition, piperazine hexahydrate can be dangerous when taken in certain conditions. In particular, you must disclose if you meet any of these criteria:

Age: The effect of piperazine can vary for the very young and old. Children are especially sensitive to its effect. It can also react with other medications, which is usually the case with old people. Hence, in both cases, care must be taken when prescribing the medicine.

Allergies: Tell your doctor if you have suffered from allergic reaction previously to piperazine. You should also mention any other allergies you may have.

Effect of other intakes: It can react with certain food, alcohol or tobacco. Your doctor may ask you to show caution in intake of some of these substances, asking you to desist from taking certain food items or alcohol and tobacco when taking the medication.

Effect of other medicines: Tell your doctor if you are taking any medications. Some medicines may react with piperazine hexahydrate, in which case your doctor may modify your change the dosage or ask for other precautions.

Any other medical condition: The side-effects of piperazine hexahydrate are especially dangerous in people suffering from certain medical conditions like kidney and liver diseases. People with a history of seizures should also be careful.

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