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Sail in the Summer with Sailor Beverages



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With the onset of summer, the demand for beverages increases, which includes cold drinks, fruit drinks, and carbonated fruit drinks and lots others! Whether a kid or a college going youth or middle aged corporates or old aged grandpas, these take up the market by storm. Amidst all these different beverages, the sailor beverages take up a special position.

If you are wondering what is a sailor beverage let me tell you, it is going to give you the energetic feel of an adventurous sailor sailing across a turbulent sea who has to reach the harbour safely with the gold coins! Yes, these drinks have an added frizz and their assorted flavours pamper the taste buds like no other! They are absolutely refreshing, energetic and yummy which leaves you craving for more and more. Whether you are at a party, home, travelling, in the office or on a date, these drinks make up your mood and set the day. These can be consumed with snacks and healthy meals for an added tinge of extra flavour. It is everyone’s favourite, especially in the summers. And not to forget kids in this regard.

Make sure that you consume these beverages from the leading exporters only so that you don’t compromise on the health factor as most of the brands use harmful toxic chemicals for the frizz, colour and taste to allure your taste buds. Did you know this? Yes, that’s true! Especially for your kids you need to make certain that their health and development is not compromised as kids and youth constitute the largest consumer share in the beverages segment. There is more that you need to know before you sip in the yummy sailor beverages from its wide variety of flavours!

Manufacturing of Sailor Beverages – The manufacturing process commences with the collection of natural ingredients, here it means fully ripe and full grown fruits. However some manufacturers add artificial ingredients which bring the flavour of the orange or mango or other like a pro! Not sure which ingredients they use but coming to the original ingredients, they are crushed and their juices extracted and processed with frizz, colour and other ingredients to ensure they stay safe in bottles for quite a long period of time. Assorted colours and artificial flavours are added but the leading exporters and manufacturers will not use anything that is harmful to the health both for long or short term!

There is a dedicated team who work on the processing to packaging, sales and continuous improvement in the products to ensure you get the best and crave for more! It is important that the machinery used in the processing and manufacturing of these fruit drinks are neat and clean and devoid of grease and rust. Also, the peeling and grinding of the fruits and natural substances are taken care of. It is also essential the machinery uses superior technology to crush and grind the products so that the fluid is absolutely smooth. This will ensure a perfect combination of good quality, smart packaging and delicious taste!

Flavours – You may grab either the green apple, jeera, clear lemon, tangy lemon or the indie cola flavour based on your mood and choice!

So beat the heat with these sailor beverages and sail on the adventure ride this summer!

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