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Study abroad options for science students after class 12th



In normal cases, students prefer to study abroad only after their class 12th. This means that they generally choose undergraduate programs for their higher studies. Once they are through with the undergraduate course, you can apply for further higher studies.

Initially, students from India choose or I would say rather prefer pursuing undergraduate courses as their level 1 program. But the recent shift has seen the trend that now the Indian students prefer pursuing only the postgraduate level programs from abroad.

They think that pursuing the undergraduate from their own country and gaining a couple of years’ experience in the initial stage is much better and likely. They also take help from the best overseas education consultants in Delhi. This access has changed and has become an easy access to higher studies. Also, an easy access and better loan facilities for students who wish to study abroad are easily available now.

The recent trend has seen a major rise in the number of Indian students preferring to study abroad not only for arts or humanities but also for science subjects. The reason is that they get a good amount of experience while they study abroad.


Once you have achieved and obtained the required marks and grades in the higher secondary/undergraduate program plus you have cleared the additional tests that are mandatory for qualifying, you can apply for higher degrees in various foreign countries or even Asian countries.

Various types of tests

Admission in foreign universities of the UK and the USA is solely based on various standardized tests that every single student has to appear for, after clearing higher secondary Science examination. These tests include SAT, GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL. It is very much essential to have a good financial support in the form of scholarships to surviving in a foreign country.

Once you have successfully cleared higher secondary Science examination, you need to appear for Scholastic Aptitude Test. The scores of this particular test for study abroad remain valid for three years. You may easily join Ivy League schools in the US on the basis of your scores and grades in Indian school along with your active participation in co-curricular activities.


Study options for students who wish to study abroad after class 12th in the UK

With the number of Indian students traveling to the UK for their higher studies, the very famous Oxford University has seen a major rise in the number of admissions of foreign students. A handful of Universities namely Oxford, Birmingham and Cambridge University offers some excellent course in diverse and vast subjects including science as well.

These are the most important universities in the UK that offer some excellent courses for the science graduates and undergraduates as well. Offering international placements henceforth happens to be the turning point in the students’ life. The various programs focus on subject-specific learning with additional modules of science including the live practices.

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